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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est apartment renovation in paris. Afficher tous les articles

Interior renovation in Paris | how it is to renovate property in Paris, France? | 'Interior renovation & design'


Paris is a hub for renovation industries. ‘Renovation of apartments’, old houses, arrangements of new houses, internal designing of old and new houses, professional upgradation of houses and apartments are some of the most in demand in Paris. There are multiple renovation firms who offer their services for above mentioned works. The main objective behind renovation is to get elegance and comfort inside your house or apartment and the 2nd objective is to increase the value of your houses or properties. To fulfill these objectives you often need ‘professional renovating contractors’ who offer high standard work to improve your lifestyle within the premises of your house. Because when it comes to Paris then you need the best firms to renovate your properties. As architects in Paris have the main role in making this city an architectural masterpiece and maintaining it.

Interior renovation contractors paris 16 | Apartment builders in paris 16 | 'English speaking renovation company paris'

 Interior Renovation Contractors in Paris 16

    Alpeintureparis is a ‘renovation company in Paris’ which is an all-trades building and remodelling company specializing in interior renovations, in Paris and suburbs

    In last 14 years, we have supervised and done the renovation work in the variety of the work sites, from simple interior painting to the ‘high-end renovation projects’ in Paris 16th.

    Alpeintureparis is well aware of the expectations of its clients in the 16th district of Paris, whether it is to renovate a bathroom or a house, all sites are carried out with attention to detail, and quality materials. We ensure regular monitoring to keep customers informed of progress of ‘high end or luxury renovation’ work in Paris 75016.

Apartment 'renovation in Paris-13' | professional painters & renovators in Paris | Design & remodeling services Paris 75013

 Apartment painting and renovation in Paris-13, 75013

    Do you want to have painting work done in your house, apartment, offices or even business, hall or entrance porch, or have your wall covering changed by a professional ‘apartment painting company’?


    Is your environment no longer to your liking,  and do you want to revitalize it? Restore it?  Offer your ‘apartment’ a makeover?

General renovation contractors Paris | apartment builders in Paris | English speaking company



  • We are a bilingual ‘renovation and decoration company based in Paris’, and we are available in all districts of Paris, and suburbs.

We are a ‘general construction company’, that is to say we have the capacity to carry out contracts for all trades, from partial renovations or repairs to complete renovation or remodeling of the apartment. Our ‘interior renovation company’ carries out new work as well as rehabilitation or the renovation work, structural reinforcement, as well as maintenance work. From the feasibility study, preparing of the quote, and to the execution and maintenance of a building. We provide our customers know-how and experience in ‘construction’ and renovation to make their project a great success. 

Interior renovation project in paris 17 | studio 'apartment renovation and remodelling in paris' region

Renovation of a studio apartment in Paris 17 | demolition, tiling, painting, parquets & kitchen renovation


On this page, you will find the “renovation project of a studio apartment in 17th district of Paris”. This renovation project involved different skills and trades. Therefore, it required systematically carrying out the renovation project.

Apartment renovation cost in Paris. Money saving tips for property improvement.

Renovation cost for a property - be it an apartment, studio, or home in Paris- depends upon many factors. The best way to determine the realistic renovation is to call an apartment builder and get a free quote for property renovation. However, if you are planning to buy a property in Paris or thinking to renovate your home, a rough estimate about the renovation costs can be of great help.

« Rénovation appartements et travaux de peinture à paris »

Notre ‘entreprise de peinture à paris’ est à votre service pour tous vos travaux de peinture intérieure / extérieure, démolition, construction, rénovation à paris’, hauts de seine, et val de marne. Pour savoir le coût de votre projet de rénovation ou peinture intérieure, n’hésitez pas à nous joindre pour avoir un « devis gratuit ».