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Interior renovation after the water damage caused by your neighbor in Paris, france

Some people call Paris as a city of leaks, as there are always lots of water leaks happening all around Paris. If we talk about the calls and emails we receive by affected by the water leaks, then it is easy to consider Paris as a city of leaks.

In Paris, there are lots of old apartments, with old installations. Therefore, such leaks are normal. Sometimes, there are water leaks inside your apartment, and sometimes, from your neighbor. If the water leak came from your neighbor, then certainly it is not your mistake. But you have to suffer from the mistake of your neighbor as there are many steps to go through until the apartment is renovated.

In fact, there are a number of steps to take before doing the painting work, which may be different depending on the origin of the damage. In addition, some precautions must also be taken if you do not want to see the moisture spill in the days and weeks after the painting or renovation work is over.
Following tips are likely to help you carry out the renovation work after the water leaks. And, they will also help you to save your money and avoid unnecessary work..
So let us assume that one fine evening you returned home after the work, and what you saw was disgusting: water leaking from the ceiling. It can happen in any room: "bedroom, living room, bathroom or the kitchen". If this leak came from your neighbor above, then it depends where their bathroom or the kitchen is located.
The very first thing to do is to go and knock on the door of your neighbor. You talk with them and make it sure that water leak has stopped. When we call stopped, it means completely stopped.  And, at the same time, you can contact your insurance company and inform them about the water damage and its nature ( if you are responsible for the water damage or your neighbor )
You can do it by phone to receive your report amicably water damage, you can move to the nearest agency to your home or send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If the cause of water leak comes from a line or pipe break, the repair will not be refunded, only the reconditioning will be, according to your insurance contract.
In case you are a tenant, you will also need to notify your landlord. If you live in a building, you must notify the trustee of your building.
Finally, if this water damage is due to floods, it is the guarantee natural disaster which then comes into operation, with franchise conditions that may be different.
What is not covered by insurance?
The most important, if you are an English speaking expat living in Paris, and which is very likely in most cases, the insurance company representative will try to pay you as less as possible. So better be ready to argue and present your claim well.
  • In case of water damage, be aware that all work is not covered by your insurance. Mostly it is the repair and painting work. Sometimes, they also pay for the parquet floor.
Repairing a device that causes damage, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, is not supported. You are likely to pay for it yourself.
Similarly, in the event of a leak due to slates or tiles that have slipped or flew (unless in the case of a storm recognized as a natural disaster), only the consequence repair operations will be carried out and can be in the part reimbursed by your insurance, but not the intervention on the cover.

The visit of Insurance Expert.

Your insurance or that of your neighbor, if he is responsible, will send an expert before performing painting work after water damage to assess the extent of the problem, according to the estimated damage value. Basically he will note the damaged areas in your apartment, and in any other detail in this regard to assess the amount of the damage.

After the visit from the so called ‘expert’ of the insurance company, either you will be proposed a compensation or you will be asked to get quotes from an ‘interior renovation company in Paris’. Your insurer may also offer you a painter to repair and repaint your apartment.

However, if you entrust the insurance company, then their painter will do the minimum job. Means, he will simply repair and paint the damaged area. And, bye bye. In most of the cases, the quality is of the work is not good as this painter’s job is only to make the interior white. After that if there are yellow spots on the repaired areas – this is your problem.
However, you cannot repair and paint the apartment after the visit of Insurance expert. You have to wait until the walls and ceilings of your apartment are fully dried up. This process can take months. Once the surfaces are fully dried up, your apartment renovation company will start the work.
If your work after water damage is supported by the insurance, then do not forget to get an invoice at the end of the renovation work as you will need to send it to insurance. Sometimes, insurance companies do not pay in full at the first time. They pay one part, and the other part is reimbursed after you send them invoice of work done.

  • If your apartment is damaged by the flood, and you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our ‘interior renovation company’.



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