Interior renovation & Remodelling projects in Paris Region

Some of our interior renovation projects


It is said and believed that one picture is better than a thousand words. So share here some of our renovation projects. These pictures will help you understand how we plan and carry out our “interior renovation projects in Paris”.


We have seen many websites of our competitors, and other ‘apartment renovation contractors in Paris’. The general trend is that two pictures are shared. One is before the work starts. The other picture is taken when not only the job is finished, but the people also inhabit the apartment, with furniture and the decoration items present in the room.


We took a different approach. We have shared the pictures from the beginning to the end. These pictures will show the ‘renovation or remodelling work’ at different stages. This will help you understand how we plan our work, and execute them. In addition, this will also show you the variety of jobs we have undertaken in the past, and what kind of interior renovation projects we can carry out.

👉 Apartment remodelling, renovation & painting in Paris 16, 75016.


👉  Interior Renovation and apartment remodelling in paris 17, 75017

👉  Bathroom remodelling & renovation | demolition, plumbing & tiling in Paris 8, 75008.


👉   Kitchen renovation in Boulogne Billancourt | Plastering & Painting


👉   WC renovation in Paris 8e, Plumbing and Installation of the sink etc


👉  Exterior Painting & Renovation in Enghien-les-Bains, Volets Painting


 👉  Home Improvement & Renovation Services in Paris

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