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apartment renovation costs in paris & money saving tips

Renovation & remodeling costs

This article is written to give you an idea about the renovation and remodeling costs of your Parisian property. It will also help you have an idea about how the property renovation process is carried out.

  • Before moving forward, it is important to note that if you have an interior renovation project, and you need to know the exact price for the whole project - then in this case - best idea would always be to contact apartment builders, and ask for the free quote. Although there are some companies which charge for the visit and prepare their quote, but there are many contractors which offer free quotes as well. We also offer free quotes.

Renovation cost for a property - be it an apartment, studio, or home in Paris- depends upon many factors. The best way to determine the realistic renovation is to call an apartment builder and get a free quote for property renovation. However, if you are planning to buy a property in Paris or thinking of renovating your home, a rough estimate about the renovation costs can be of great help.

  • Various factors affect the costs for renovation of a property. First of all, it is the nature of a renovation project from the client's side. It is important to distinguish if a simple property refreshment is needed or you are planning to invest to improve your property and enhance its market value. Some people wish to carry out the interior renovation according to their taste and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Another important factor is the location of your property or apartment. Certain neighborhoods of Paris are quite chic with upscale properties and luxurious apartments. Renovating these properties need more care and attention during work. While properties in some neighbourhoods are simple to renovate or remodel. Therefore, the location and the type of your property also plays an important role in  determination of renovation costs.

  • It is also important to note if the renovation project is labor intensive and the quality of desired products and furnishings. For example, a simple whitewash of walls and ceilings costs less. However, adding colours in the apartment require more work and different paints which increases the cost. Similarly the cost and quality of furnishings varies a lot to determine the overall cost of the renovation project.

The cost of the renovation project also depends upon the renovation company hired or contacted to execute the project. There are many apartment builders and renovators in Paris which delegate their undertakings to various subcontractors. On one side, such a collaboration among various subcontractors results in organization problems. While on the other hand, the presence of more middlemen increases the overall cost of renovation projects. By contacting a renovation firm, which carries out the projects itself, like alpeintureparis, overall cost of the renovation can be reduced.

Now some practical things which matter to move the renovation quote upwards or downwards.

  • First, the general condition of the property determines the level of renovation to be undertaken: complete or simple renovation, total or partial renovation, upgrading to electricity standards or new installation, demolition, construction, replacing closures (doors, windows), modifying or creating a bathroom and kitchen, and the floor renovation etc. Then the type of property to renovate, the total area and its destination (rental investment or personal housing) are also important things to consider to evaluate remodeling costs.

The average cost of renovating an apartment, on per meter square basis.  

This is important to note that estimates based on per m² are only to have a rough idea about the overall renovation costs, and can not substitute a detailed quote which is established after visiting the work site. None of the apartment builders can ever give a realistic idea about the renovation costs without personally visiting the site.

For the total renovation of a small area such as a studio, the amount will naturally be in the high price range, because of the concentration of all technical batches in a small space. On the other side, in larger areas, costs generally tend to decrease.

  • For a simple refreshment of the property including the renovation of floor and wall coverings, small electrical work and upgrading, partial renovation of the bathroom and kitchen, plus some ancillary work, it is necessary to provide approximately 550 to 750 € per square meter, to be weighted according to the surface of the house.

The price for a complete renovation of the property including all traditional lots (demolition, plastering, tiles, electricity, plumbing, heating, interior and exterior carpentry, painting, ...) will be in a price range between 800 and 1300 euros excluding taxes to be weighted according to the surface of the property to renovate.


  • A rate of 1000 euros / m² is usually mentioned for a total renovation. This figure can vary from simple to triple depending on the difficulty of the tasks to be performed and the desired level of service. 

Rely on an average of 500 euros for "light" renovation work (painting, changes in floor coverings, etc.); 800/1000 euros for a mid-range (simple renovation + change kitchen or electricity); and 1,500 / 2,000 euros for a major renovation (change or creation of partitions, plumbing, creation of bathroom etc) with high-end products.

Fees of the architect / interior decorator

If your project needs heavy renovation, then you may need the assistance of an architect as well. In such a case - you may add the fee and other charges as well. Every architect charges according to his or her expertise and reputation, and the nature of the services required.

Although, some people prefer to engage with interior architects, but their services are mainly needed when your project needs some technical details. For simple projects, you really need to think about whether an architect or interior decorator’s services are needed.

Important Factors in determining the overall costs.

You may be thinking of important factors in determining the budget for your project. In fact, several criteria can help to define the budget necessary for different aspects of interior renovation work.

The nature of renovation or remodeling project.

  • It is easily understandable that the nature of the project is the most important. You need to define what kind of renovation you need to carry out. Think about the requirements of your future kitchen, bathroom or living room. Identifying the nature of the project is very important as the price will vary considerably and the budget to be provisioned as well.

The volume of the construction site.

  • In addition, the volume of the renovation site or  the size of the apartment will be a significant factor directly impacting the work budget. The renovation cost is most generally estimated per m², consequently, the larger the surface area, the greater the budget to be planned.

However, on the other side, in the larger areas, apartment builders can also offer competitive prices as the larger surfaces help them reduce their cost in certain ways as well.

The choice for materials.

In addition, when you define the conditions, the schedule as well as the materials you want to use for your renovation, your budget will have to take into account the type of supplies you want to use according to their different properties (quality, durability, respect for the environment…)

Use of professional services

  • In parallel with the choice of the range of materials, the cost of renovations may be amplified if you wish to use qualified labor. Indeed, for plumbing or electrical work in particular, calling on professionals is mandatory. Furthermore, using the services of an architect can also help you optimize your interior.

The location of the apartment and the construction site

Finally, the last criterion to take into account is the location of your apartment as well as its accessibility. For example, renovating an apartment in Paris, a popular capital or in the mountains, which is more difficult to access, could increase your work budget.

Money saving tips for renovation & remodeling 

Compare the prices of services and materials.

  • If you are on budget, then it is very important. Whether for materials, professionals or furniture, be patient and compare market prices. Do not hesitate to contact different home renovation companies for several quotes and seek advice from experts of this industry to find the best quality/price ratio.

Likewise, the budget dedicated to materials can quickly explode if you do not compare prices between wholesalers and large brands.

  • To decorate your interior, juggle between custom-made and kit furniture according to your budget.

Buy materials yourself

  • During a renovation, the cost of materials represents a large part of the budget spent. Save some money by purchasing the materials needed for your work yourself. Take advantage of sales, compare brands, visit wholesalers, etc. : several tips allow you to get a better price on the materials needed for your work.

Reduce labor costs

  • If you love doing things by your own hands,then it may help reduce the labour costs. If you have time, with the help of tutorials, you too will be able to carry out some work in your project. 

Renovation costs of an apartment consist of the material costs and labor costs. The cost of labor can represent up to 65% of the price of a quote, so if you can carry out certain tasks yourself, then certainly you will be able to reduce the overall costs for your project.

You can seek the help of your friends to define the tasks that you can carry out without going through the professional company. You can discuss it online on various forums. There are platforms which connect individuals interested in renovation or remodeling. So, if you can invest some of your time, you can certainly save money while renovating the interior of your apartment.

Do the interior Painting 

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