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To ‘renovate an apartment or property in Paris’, the very first step always is to have a general idea how much is it going to cost. Although it is possible to determine the budget first, and then engage in the renovation project. However, the later is not always a best option as the renovation costs may change during the different stages of the 'renovation, or remodeling of the apartment or flat'.

At alpeintureparisapartment renovation and remodelling company in Paris – we always take the costs seriously, and try our best not to cross the budgetary limitations of our clients. Therefore, we go an extra mile to guide our clients, not only when we prepare our quote, but also while we carry out the renovation work at their property.  Our main objective always is to offer our clients high quality solutions, within their monetary restrictions. We formulate our strategies to minimise our labour and material costs, although fixed costs to renovate the interior are often very hard to manipulate.

In this article, we will guide about all important aspects which you must not ignore while executing your 'interior renovation' plans. First of all, we will give you a general idea about different kinds of apartment renovation under following categories

1.   Light renovation work
2.   Medium renovation work
3.   Complete remodelling of your apartment

apartment renovation costs in paris, apartment remodeling cost in paris

Before moving forward, however, it is pertinent to keep in mind that following costs to renovate your apartment in Paris are only meant to give you an idea about the average global cost for the 'renovation of your property in Paris'. Prices may change either way, according to your choice for materials, and other details. On the basis of our experience in the renovation industry for last 14 years, we can say that every renovation project is different than the other.

So, here are average costs for different types of renovation work in Paris.

1.   Light interior renovation

This type renovation is very basic in nature and thus costs less than other two options. This type of apartment renovation is carried out when you buy, or rent, an apartment in Paris, and you want to change the interior of your interior of your apartment or flat. In other words, mainly whitewashing the walls and ceiling of your residence. Small repair works are also included in this type of renovation work. It may also include carpet changes, some tiling work, or the floor renovation. It may also include some electric repair works.

Price range : from 70 euros per square meter to 350 euros for 1m2.

Example : For an apartment of 60 meters square, the minimum cost for renovating apartment could be around 4200 euros.

2.    Medium or complete renovation of the apartment

In this option, following services are included; 'kitchen & bathroom renovation', modification of plumbing and electricity, replacing windows, construction of walls with gypsum boards & false ceilings, renovation of parquets floors, and complete painting of the apartment with plastering of walls

Price range : between 500 Euros and 1000 Euros for 1 square meter

3.   Heavy renovation or remodeling of an apartment

The complete ‘remodeling of an apartment’ includes; structural changes of the apartment, structural reinforcement, complete insulation of walls, change of main door, creation of new bathroom with new plumbing work, creation of new kitchen with construction & plumbing work, making new rooms within the apartment.

Price range : between 800 € and 1700 € for one square meter, depending upon the choice of materials.

It might be important to add a couple of line for the luxury renovation projects. When it comes to the luxurious renovation projects, it all depends upon the clients’ choices and tastes. The cost of luxurious renovation can go as much higher as much the clients are willing to spend.
Before mentioning other costs of the renovation, which may incur during the ‘renovation or remodelling of a Parisian apartment’, it is also important to note that the condition of walls and ceiling plays an important role to determine the global cost for interior renovation.


A.   Allowance for extra or additional works

  • There are not always extra works especially when light renovation is being carried out. But when the nature of renovation project is medium or heavy, there are always some additional works which can’t be foreseen at the start of work. So, it is always better to be ready for work related surprises. Thus it is advisable to keep an allowance of 10%, of the total renovation cost mentioned in the quote.

B.  Fees or commissions for the architect, and/or interior decorators

Some people prefer hire the services of an ‘architect and interior designer in Paris’ simply to plan their interior renovation project. If the job of an interior decorator is limited only to prepare the plans and drawings, then you can add up his or her fees or commissions. However, if the interior decorator is also entrusted to bring in his own home improvement companies for your apartment renovation project, then the cost of the project can go up dramatically.
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Therefore, your apartment renovation project does not require heavy or complete overhauling of the apartment, there is no need to contact an interior designer to make plans. ‘Apartment renovation companies’ can also guide you on the practical issues of interior renovation. There are many home renovation companies in Paris, speaking English too. These companies can be contacted for an itemized and free quote. It is recommended to contact 3 companies, or apartment builders. Their quotes can be compared to make the final decision.


As mentioned above, each renovation and remodeling project differs from the other projects. Besides, every client has his or her own unique style and taste. In some apartments, for example, walls and ceiling are in good condition BUT electric installations are old. In some flats, the interior needs minor repairs, but the parquet floor is in a very bad condition. In certain apartments, renovation work is not much but the clients need to renovate the kitchen to transform it into an American kitchen. All these factors fluctuate the tariffs for overall renovation.


The best way to determine the real and actual costs for the interior renovation in paris always is to ask an ‘apartment renovation company’ for an itemized quote. This way, you will have the precise numbers explaining the renovation costs and services.


If the interior of your apartment requires medium or heavy renovation, ask always for an itemized quote. Itemized quote lists all the services of the ‘home renovation company’. It also mentions the materials to be used. This quote will help you have a clear idea how much it is going to cost to renovate the kitchen or bathroom.

Itemized quote also help make better decisions especially in the case of budget renovation. You can decide, which services are obligatory and which options can be postponed for carrying out renovation work at the later stage.
Our ‘apartment renovation company in Paris’ offers free and itemized quotes. In case, your renovation work is of small scale, and does not involve complicated details, we can also give you an official quote to indicate the global cost for your ‘interior design project’.
Our ‘apartment renovation and design company is available in Paris’, and greater Paris region. Within Paris, we are available in all districts of the French capital ( paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20 ).
We are also available in suburbs ( Hauts de Seine, Val de Marne, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne, Val-d’Oise, Essonne, Yvelines etc ) and towns like 'Boulogne Billancourt', 'Enghien les Bains', Neuilly sur Seine, 'Courbevoie', Clamart, Courbevoie, Colombes, Sartrouville, Maisons Laffitte, Asnières sur Seine, Créteil, Villejuif, Le Kremlin Bicêtre,  Vincennes, Charenton le Pont, Puteaux, Saint Cloud, Vincennes, Versailles, Montreuil, Chatillon, Meudon, Malakoff,  Sèvres etc..



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  1. Hello
    I have seen your website. Your apartment renovation company looks like a serious and professional one.

    I live in the 15th district of Paris, and I wish to renovate my 2 bedroom apartment. The apartment was painted about 5 years ago, and I like to refresh it. In addition, I would like to remodel the bathroom a little bit as well. Would it be possible for you to give an estimate about the total cost of this renovation project ? And, how long is it going to take?


  2. Hi there,

    I wish to renovate the bathroom of my apartment, located in the 17th.

    The idea is to demolish the existing bathroom, and remove everything, from the tiles to the bathtub etc.

    In fact we do not wish to have the bathtub any more. We would rather have an Italian bath.

    We also like the change the classic toilet with the new model, perhaps it will be a good idea to have the suspended WC

    We are also thinking of having a false ceiling, with electric spots.

    In the apartment we have a humidity problem, especially in the bathroom. So we would like to have the wall tiles up to the ceiling so that we do not have to worry about the humidity problem in the future

    If I may ask, would you please give me some professional advice on this renovation project, and an overall idea about the overall cost? If you like then we can furnish some details by email as well

    Best regards


  3. Hi there,

    We have an apartment in Neuilly sur seine, and we would like to completely remodel it this summer. The project require complete interior renovation, but also the renovation of the floor, kitchen and bathroom, included.

    We are just wondering if you are available in the summer ?

    Please update



  4. Hello,

    We are new in France and looking for English speaking apartment builders in Paris region as our French is not good yet

    Our house is located near Versailles, a little bit away from Paris, therefore we are wondering if your renovation company also carries out projects away from Paris as well ?

    Best regards

  5. Renovation is one of the main items of household expenditure. On this point, Ile-de-France is considered the worst department in France for the wallets of house and apartment owners. And for good reason, home renovation is relatively expensive there, a rate nearly 20% higher than the national average. In addition, there are significant price differences. If you are wondering how much it costs to renovate a house or apartment in Paris, let us tell you that you have come to the right place!

    Do you have a nice apartment in Montmartre that you want to renovate? A charming house in the Belleville district that you want to modernize? A penthouse in the 13th arrondissement whose decor needs a facelift? Find out how much you have to pay to carry out your project!

    The budget to plan for the renovation of a Parisian home

    To calculate the budget for the renovation of a Parisian home, you must first define the nature of the work to be done. Do you want to completely transform your small studio in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or is it simply a question of refreshing it? Do you want to replace the flooring in your Haussmann apartment or completely modify the structure of the floor? These are all questions you should ask yourself before sending you an estimate for the renovation of your home in Paris.

  6. Average price of an apartment renovation per m2

    On average, the average price of an apartment renovation per m2 varies between €500 and €1,500 depending on the amount of work to be planned. If you do the work yourself, without the intervention of a professional, the average cost of a simple renovation is €600 per square meter. In the case of a complete renovation of the property, it is necessary to count 1.000€. By hiring craftsmen to rehabilitate your old apartment, this average cost can quickly double.

    Regarding the amount of the quotes, the prices also vary according to the material you have chosen. First price or top of the range, the choice is yours, but remember that some savings may not be in the long term. It is therefore essential to calculate the price of an apartment renovation per square meter to be renovated.


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