Monday, May 20, 2019

practical tips & tricks to ‘renovate apartment, home, flat or office in paris’.

You own an apartment, and you wish to renovate, or upgrade it?
You just purchased an "apartment in Paris", and you wish to renovate the interior of your apartment, or home in Paris, and you wish to do some painting work before moving in, and start your new life.

As an ‘apartment renovation company in Paris’, here are some of the tips and tricks to make the ‘interior renovation of your apartment in Paris’ as simple and pleasant experience as possible.
A simple or light apartment renovation in Paris is not a much difficult task. However, if your project requires renovation of medium level, or if complete remodeling of the apartment is required, in such a case, ‘renovating a property in Paris’, requires lots of planning, and attention.

A.  Resale value of your apartment in Paris.
Apartment upgrades or home improvement always adds ‘value to the property in Paris’. And, it is not a secret that prices of property in Paris always continue to go higher and higher.
Whenever you are planning to do medium renovation, or entirely remodeling of your apartment in Paris, always think of the resale value of your apartment. This will help you make some logical decisions to determine the nature and scope of the ‘interior renovation of your home’.
Upgrading the kitchen and renovating the bathroom in your Parisian apartment will increase dramatically the price of your apartment. Similarly, you can see that if the electric wiring is according to the latest standards applicable in Paris. Think if by demolishing one wall, or two, you can increase the ‘living space of your apartment in Paris’. Similarly, before deciding the scope of your renovation project, have a look on the parquets floor and see if they need a renovation or you want to replace them.

B. Plan your apartment renovation in detail.
As said above, medium and heavy renovation projects need lots of planning and attention. Therefore, it would be better to plan each stage in detail. Determine what do you want once the renovation is complete. If possible, try to see how your apartment will look in 3D. It might add up some extra renovation costs, but if in the case of complete remodeling of the apartment, it is worth it. To select the cupboards and other furniture, you can visit IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, Castorama and / or Bricorama to have a look on their products.
C. Choose your ‘apartment renovation contractor’ carefully.
Cost and quality are two important factors while ‘renovating a property in Paris’. Therefore, try to get 3 quotes for your home renovation project. When the representative of interior renovation company is visiting your apartment, discuss your renovation project and see if he is serious towards his work. Compare the quotes offered by different renovation companies. Remember that you do not have always to pick up an interior design or renovation company with office in a chic neighborhoods. Neither it is obligatory to pick a renovation company which comes at the top of the research results. These marketing costs are paid by the clients. So when you search for a home renovation company, select carefully the contractor you are going to work with.
D. Ask for a detailed quote.
If the nature and scope of your ‘interior renovation project in Paris’ is simple, then maybe you can ask for a global price as it is quick and takes less time. But, always better to ask for an itemized quote, with every service written separately. Read very carefully this quote or the contract. Maybe some detail is missing. Or maybe you want to add something into the quote.
E. Be ready for few work related surprises.
Life brings us so many surprises, and so does the interior renovation. When the nature and scope of apartment renovation is medium or high, in most of the cases, it is almost impossible to foresee work related surprises. Something would certainly come while renovating the interior. As a general rule, be ready to spend around 10% extra of the overall price mentioned in the quote. If the project goes as planned, you ‘earn’ this money, thanks to your careful planning.
F. Don’t buy materials yourself.
Some people try to be extra smart, and they think that if they supply apartment builders with building materials, they can save a lots of money by it. Such people often feel sorry afterwards, and there are enough reasons for this.
Salesmen at Leroy Merlin, IKEA, Castorama, Bricorama, or Conforama or other home improvement stores in Paris have the theoretic knowledge about the products. Even they are fully honest in advising their customers, still it is highly unlikely that they may have used the products they are selling. Workmen, on the other hand, use these materials on regular basis. They know better which product is better and give perfect results. In addition, they may have the closest estimation about the quantity of the product to be used, than the clients. So it is better option to confer purchase of products to your ‘home renovation company in Paris’.
G. Pack and store your stuff properly
Pack up your things as much as possible. You can store them in a way that more space is available for the work. Cover your stuff with plastic sheets, for your own satisfaction as well. If there is not enough space available in the apartment for work, then the workers may not be able to give the best results, even if they try harder. So as less stuff as possible is the best option.
H. Do not try to be a supervisor.
Some people enjoy giving commands to workers at work and supervise each stage of the renovation. This is not a good idea. It does not mean that you should not monitor the performance time to time, and ask questions if you have. But it does not help to be present from morning till evening, watching workmen at work. So, when you have selected an apartment renovation company, trust them and let them do the work.
I.  Stick to the renovation plans
As stated above, before starting the interior renovation work in your apartment, prepare a detailed planning of the work. Small changes are normal, but big changes require a complete change in the planning. It can increase the costs of the renovating your apartment in Paris and in can also take more time to finish. But, if something really important comes up in your mind after the start or renovation project – then it is better to share with your apartment renovation contractor.