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English Speaking apartment builders, renovators, painters in Paris | home renovation company in paris, france

English speaking home renovation company in Paris, France.

Paris – in many ways – is a multicultural city. One can find people from every corner of the world, and of every race and colour, very easily in Paris. Paris is a city of fashion, culture, glamour, education and of love. Lots of people come to live in Paris for different reasons. People living in Paris on short term basis are often not well versed in English. With English being almost universal language of communication – lots of interior and home renovation companies claim on their websites that they also speak English. But still it is not that easy to find an interior renovation company which can offer renovation and remodeling services at affordable prices.

At ALPEINTUREPARIS – we speak English and we also offer home renovation and apartment remodeling services in Paris at competitive rates. To see the difference, you only need to call us and ask for the free quote.

Our quotes are very detailed. In other words, we offer itemized quote to our clients. To facilitate our clients for better understanding, we can offer copy of our quote in English as well. While for the administrative purposes – if required – we also give its  French equivalent, which is known as ‘DEVIS’ in French.


It is rightly said that the standard of Parisian residences cannot be judged by the external appearance of the building where an apartment is located.

  • On the other hand it is equally true that Paris is all about history. Buildings and apartments are very old. French laws put certain restrictions on modification of buildings and apartments. A huge network of Parisian Metro and RER runs beneath this beautiful city. In addition, developments in living standards and style are fast paced. And, local government continues playing its role for a better living experience of the people. Thus over the years, walls start to get damaged. The paint is deteriorated and loses its shine and luster.
All these factors require home renovation and refurbishment on and off. Sometimes, just painting the walls and ceilings of the home can give a new look to the interior of the apartment. While, other times, some heavier renovation work is required which may include demolition of walls, and construction according to new designs. Clients may also like to make a few changes to optimize the limited space of their home. If renovation project requires some demolition and construction of the walls – then it is the right time to see if bathroom and kitchen needs some renovation or remodeling as well.
We help our clients with cost saving and space optimizing strategies so that they can make intelligent choices while planning their interior remodeling of their Parisian apartment.

Interior renovation and how it transforms your home

Interior renovation and remodeling brings new life to the interior of your apartment or home. It can completely change your living style from the old to the new one. The interior renovation also consists in revamping a room in order to make it more functional and more pleasant. Indeed, interior renovation and remodeling is a discipline that is both artistic and technical.

Why entrust interior renovation to professionals.

Right person must do the right job. And, for home renovation it is always better to entrust the interior remodeling to the professionals who do this job on the regular basis. Thus they know the surprises of the work, and are better equipped to handle them to ensure the high quality of end results.
Interior renovation is a job that must be done with extreme care especially when it involves plumbing and electricity work. Sometimes, people try to do painting and wallpapering themselves, considering it very easy job to do, and are then surprised to see that the results are not uniform. The traces on the walls are visible here and there.

  • If you are working with an architect or interior designer, then the result depends on the experience of the architect who is in charge of the project. Aesthetics is the highlight of an interior design. Professionals can relook a place with the knowledge and techniques they have.
At ALPEINTUREPARIS, we accompany our clients from the development of the renovation plan to the completion of the project. We provide sound advice, at each stage of the remodeling project - in order to obtain a result of excellent quality.
We are a team of professional and skilled workers, we can offer you solutions if you are looking for budget renovation or if you are short of time. We will explain you what is possible, and what is not. We believe in customer care and clients’ satisfaction.

We are available in Paris – and also in suburbs (Bois-Colombes, Boulogne-Billancourt, Bourg-la-Reine, Châtenay-Malabry, Châtillon, Chaville, Clamart, Clichy, Colombes, Courbevoie, Fontenay-aux-Roses, Garches, Gennevilliers, Issy-les-Moulineaux, La Garenne-Colombes, Ablon sur Seine, Alfortville, Boissy st Léger, Bonneuil sur Marne, Vincennes, Saint-Mandé, Charenton le Pont, Choisy le Roi, Créteil, Ivry sur Seine, Limeil Brévannes, Maisons-Alfort, Mandres les Roses, Marolles en Brie, Orly, Versailles, Périgny sur Yerres, St. Maur des Fossés, Saint Maurice, Santeny, Sucy en Brie, Valenton, Villecresnes, Nanterre, Montrouge, Vanves, Sartrouville, Versailles,  Maisons Laffitte, Villeneuve le Roi, Villeneuve st Georges, Vitry sur Seine etc.. )

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