Notre ‘entreprise de peinture à paris ’est à votre service pour rénover votre appartement, studio, magasin, boutique, partie commune, loft et cage d’escalier etc à paris, hauts de seine, val de marne

'Apartment builders & renovation contractors in Paris' | interior renovation & design in Paris & suburbs | 'Apartment Renovation Paris'

Apartments in Paris – most of the time – need complete or partial renovation work. This is especially true when you become the owner of a new apartment, or you rent a new house or studio. French apartment owners tend to live in an apartment – or in a house – for many years without doing much to keep the apartment up to date. As many buildings in Paris are quite old, – therefore – ‘interior renovation or painting’ is often needed.

Transforming your apartment according to your tastes is exciting – but complex also. Every ‘interior renovation and design’ project is different. In addition, it requires detailed planning and taking care of details. As the interior renovation project starts and progresses – more and more details emerge. There are many things, which even an expert interior designer cannot predict. Therefore – regular assistance from a professional of the renovation industry is primordial to effectively carry out the renovation project.

This is where - we at alpeintureparis – can help and assist you. Right from the beginning to the end – we can take care of your interior renovation needs and guide you about the best possible choices for the material. We are available in Paris, Val de Marne, Hauts de Seine, Val-d’Oise, Seine et Marne etc.
In other words – if you wish to paint a few rooms of your apartment – we can help. On the other hand – if you need to demolish a few walls – and make the new ones, we can also take care of it. Our team includes electricians, masons, painters, decorators, and tilers etc – thus we can take care of most of your interior renovation needs. We are in the renovation industry for last 14 years – and therefore – we have a long established relationship with a wide range of highly skilled subcontractors. In simple words - we can make sure their work meets with both your specifications and budget – so that you do not have to worry about the details. As the work progresses – we will regularly update you about the work progress. We take care of everything for our clients so that they do not have to worry about different complexities of renovating an apartment in Paris.

Renovation at a distance

If you are not living in Paris, while renovation in your Parisian apartment is being carried out, renovation from a distance may appear complicated and scary. Apparently it seems difficult to manage different stages of the interior renovation project. But – on the other hand – it is equally true that with the help of modern technologies – now it is easier to stay updated about the progress of the work.
In fact – in the past – we have carried out renovation projects, when the owner was not present in Paris. In certain cases, we have not personally seen our clients – during the whole renovation process.
Therefore, if your interior renovation project does not involve complete renovation of your property ( demolition, construction, electricity work, plumbing, renovation of bathroom, construction of new kitchen etc ) – in this case – you can easily manage the interior renovation of your project from a distance. In the other case – once the plans are ready – you can easily manage the interior renovation and design from the distance. Once things are finalized – we can regularly update you about the progress of your project.

we can help you in every step of your project to achieve the best result.

First step

We will visit your ‘apartment in Paris or suburb’ to note the important details, take measurements, gather all the required information, and make photographs to carry out the preliminary study of your renovation project.

Second step

We will provide you a concise and comprehensive project assessment – in the form of an outline of approximate costs and timeline. Our quotes are very detailed, with all the costs clearly mentioned. This will help you understand all the important costs, and manage your project according to your budget.

Third Step.

Depending upon the nature and degree of the ‘complexity of your renovation project’ – on-site visits may be required by other professionals too – mainly to assess the technical aspects of the renovation. If required – we may also help to prepare the floor plans, application to get the renovation authorisations from the local authorities, and do all the necessary preparations before the start of the project.

Fourth Step

Once these visits have been completed - quotes are ready - plans are finalized with greatest accuracy about the deadlines and costs – we will start the project. We can take care of most of your ‘apartment renovation needs’. If – other professionals are involved for some aspects – we will also monitor their performance and the quality of the work.
In other words – In addition to carry out your renovation project - we can also work as a project manager for you to manage and supervise your renovation project. As we are already working in the renovation industry – we can negotiate the costs – and maintain a regular relationship with the architect – if required.

Our availability

We are available in the Paris region. For example;

1.       All districts of Paris
2.       Val de Marne
3.       Hauts de Seine
4.       Val-d’Oise
5.       Seine et Marne
6.       Essonne

Free quotes

  • At alpeintureparis – we offer free quotes to our clients for their renovation projects. We can ensure quick intervention in the following districts of Paris ( 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 20 ).
  • We are also available in Neuilly sur Seine, Courbevoie, Clamart, Meudon, Boulogne Billancourt, Malakoff, Colombes, Vincennes, Creteil, Charenton le Pont, Maisons Alfort etc

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Rénovation appartements pas cher paris | travaux de l’enduit, peinture, toile verre, fibre verre, parquet, cuisine, électricité, plomberie paris et ile de france

Entreprise de rénovation intérieure et de peinture à Paris et en Ile de France

Vous venez « d'acheter le nouvel appartement à Paris » ou en banlieue et vous souhaitez “rénover l'intérieur de votre appartement, maison ou studio à Paris” - et vous recherchez une “entreprise de rénovation d'appartements en mesure de rénover l'intérieur ou l'extérieur de votre maison pour un prix compétitif et pas cher” - notre « entreprise de rénovation et peinture appartements à paris » est à votre service pour réaliser tout type de travaux de rénovation: “plomberie, électricité, peinture, parquet, carrelage, démolition, construction, rénovation”, etc. Notre « entreprise de rénovation d’appartements à Paris »,s’occupe de chaque projet de rénovation et travaux de peinture avec le plus grand soin. Dès le début d'un projet de rénovation ou de peinture, nous tenons compte de tous les détails nécessaires à la qualité du travail et à la satisfaction du client. Notre « entreprise de travaux peinture à paris», connaît bien les attentes de ses clients. Dans notre première visite, pour établir le devis gratuit, nous intervenons toujours avec professionnalisme, sérieux et discrétion. Nous essayons de comprendre ce que veut le client. Nous proposons des solutions de ‘rénovation et de décoration’ selon les goûts de nos clients, à Paris et en banlieue ( ‘Neuilly sur Seine’, Clamart, Courbevoie, Créteil, Charenton le Pont, Courbevoie, Saint Cloud, Champigny sur Marne, Boulogne Billancourt etc.) “Artisan peintres intérieure” de notre « entreprise peinture à Paris » sont disponible dans tous les arrondissement de paris : paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20.