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The interior of your home, or apartment, does not have an unlimited life. With the passage of time, interior of your apartment starts to get damaged. There are many things which damage the walls and ceiling of your apartment. With humidity and moisture, even the wallpaper is damaged. The paint from the walls and skirting boards starts to peel off. There are signs of use on walls, and there are stains. Which needs repairs of the apartment, from time to time.
If your apartment is badly damaged with the humidity, or your home has moisture present on permanent basis – then our professional painters will use special paints. Anti-humidity paints will fight off the humidity issue. These paints offer long life to renovation work done in your home. So once the renovation work is finished, you will need not to worry about the painting work for the years to come.

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Floor, parquets and tiles renovation in Paris

In addition – electric installations in your apartment, home or office also get obsolete. They become old. They start to work badly. For safety and better performance, it is thus important to replace them. This may require complete renovation of bathroom, or of the kitchen. Sometimes, people want to change the kitchen according to the new standards. They simply want to make their kitchen more functional.

Alpeintureparis – apartment and flat renovation company based in Paris – offers you all kind of renovation solution ( apartment remodeling, home renovation, bureau renovation, office renovation, interior painting, interior design, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, IKEA furniture etc )

If you want to 'change the interior of your apartment', or home in Paris – our apartment renovation company is at your service. Our renovation company can take care of all your renovation needs, from A to Z.

Our apartment painting company offers you turnkey solution. If you agree to work with us – you need not to have any worries about the different stages of the renovation project.

  • If you are ok with the smell based paints, then our apartment renovation company will use oil based paints. These paints ensure the best results on long term basis. Oil based paints are especially good for the doors, wooden windows and skirting boards.

To perfect the decoration of your interior, the 'renovation of the floor' is very important. If you want to replace the old tiles in the kitchen or in bathroom, you can trust the professionalism of our professional workers. Our professional workers would be at your service to redo the parquet floor of your apartment.
  • Apartment remodeling and painting
  • Flooring
  • Wallpapering
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Electricity renovation

We are available in Paris, and Paris region. We carry out 'interior and exterior renovation projects' as well. If you needs to remodel your apartment, we can demolish and construct new walls. After plastering, the interior of your apartment will give the perfect look.

  • We are available in all arrondissements of Paris ( paris 1, paris 2, paris 3, paris 4, paris 5, paris 6, paris 7, paris 8, paris 9, paris 10, paris 11, paris 12, paris 13, paris 14, paris 15, paris 16, paris 17, paris 18, paris 19, paris 20 ) and also in suburbs ( Neuilly sur seine, Vincennes, Montrouge, Sartrouville, Malakoff, Vanves, 'Versailles', Creteil, Bobigny, 'Le Marais', Champigny sur Marne, Villiers sur Marne, 'Charenton le Pont', Maisons Alfort, Bagnolet, Chatillon, Meudon, Thiais etc.. )

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