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Bathroom renovation in Paris | ‘Remodelling guide by renovation contractors in Paris’


Practical guide to remodel your bathroom

France is an important destination for tourism. Capital of France, Paris, has its own attraction for visitors. Numerous tourist spots such as the ‘Eiffel Tower’, River Seine, historical spots and being a global center for beauty and fashion houses become the most noticeable city in the world. So, in order to keep France, especially its capital Paris, up to the expectations of tourists and foreign expats living here on a long term basis, the renovation industry has a very important role to play. France has a rich heritage in the shape of buildings, constructions and hotels for the tourist’s welcome. From the perspective of tourist’s they need everything nice, clean and luxurious. They see hotel’s from several perspectives. They need to relax and calm down after the tiresome time spent the whole day.

‘Remodeling & renovation costs Paris’


Cost of apartment renovation in Paris 

Apartments in Paris are always high in demand. It is not less than a herculean task to find a perfect apartment, in a chic neighborhood which perfectly reflects your lifestyle. Therefore, investment in property always brings good returns. In fact, many have become millionaires by buying apartments in a bad condition, and selling them after complete renovation according to the latest standards.

Paris is a historical city, with lots of old apartments. On the other hand, building rules change often and these apartments have to be renovated on and off according to the latest norms and rules. Thus buying an apartment in Paris is often followed by interior renovation, or at least painting.

'Apartment renovation in Paris' after water damages or ‘degat des eaux’: insurance claim & repair | 'Free quotes for Insurance'.


Water damage, or flooding is one of the disasters that can happen at any time in your Parisian apartment. Most of the time this unwanted nuisance comes from your neighbors living in an apartment which is located above your home or flat. After the flooding, even its repair is covered by insurance, it continues to disturb your life for months since repair & renovation work can be done only after the walls are dried up. In the meantime, one has to inform the landlord, inform the neighbor from whose apartment this leakage came from, and to report it to the insurance company. In some cases, especially for English speaking expats living in Paris, this situation becomes a recurring nightmare until the damages are fixed and repaired. This article is to help foreign expats so that they can better deal with the problem, once the flooding has incurred damages to their property or home in Paris.

Apartment renovation in ‘Le Marais, Paris’ | ‘apartment builders’ & renovation contractors Paris


Apartment remodeling & renovation in Le Marais, Paris

This article is to share how an apartment was transformed by our “apartment renovation company in Paris”, as per the demands of the owner, in Le Marais Paris, very close to the ‘quartier de Bastille’, and in the heart of Paris.

First, a few words about the history of Le Marais area. Inhibited since 12th century, this quartier of Paris has enormous historic value. Order of the Temple was built here in 1240. Charles I of Anjou, and the brother of King Louis IX of France built their residence here. Once the nobles of France lived in this area however during the French Revolution the French nobility abandoned this area. However it still enjoys the reputation of an aristocratic area of Paris.

Interior renovation & remodeling at best prices | 'Paris Renovation Contractors'


Do you have a ‘interior renovation project’ for your home, apartment, hotel, studio, boutique or office in Paris or in the Paris region? And, you are looking for an ‘interior renovation contractor’ for the renovation & design services from A to Z?


Before positioning new partitions, false ceilings or even new kitchen or bathroom furniture, the old ones must be demolished and evacuated. This may also require the demolition of electric installations, and plumbing modifications. Once the demolition stage is over, only then renovation work can be started.

Apartment renovation in ‘Hauts de Seine’ | "entreprise de peinture 92" | 'Interior renovation contractors in Paris region'



Alpeintureparis’ is a general building and interior renovation company located in Paris. Our ‘interior renovation company’ has highly qualified workers; painters, electricians, masons, tilers, and carpenters etc, to ensure high quality of the work. In addition, we regularly verify the quality of the renovation work to ensure that we offer high quality services to renovate your apartment in the ‘Hauts de Seine region’. In addition, we offer a single point of contact who will remain the same throughout your renovation work, so that you can better organize your renovation project.

Apartment renovation in Paris | Renovate or paint your home, apartment, flat or office at ‘best prices’ in Paris-region.


"Office, home & apartment renovation company in Paris"

The interior of your home, or apartment, does not have an unlimited life. With the passage of time, interior of your apartment starts to get damaged. There are many things which damage the walls and ceiling of your apartment. With humidity and moisture, even the wallpaper is damaged. The paint from the walls and skirting boards starts to peel off. There are signs of use on walls, and there are stains. Which needs repairs of the apartment, from time to time.
If your apartment is badly damaged with the humidity, or your home has moisture present on permanent basis – then our professional painters will use special paints. Anti-humidity paints will fight off the humidity issue. These paints offer long life to renovation work done in your home. So once the renovation work is finished, you will need not to worry about the painting work for the years to come.

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Interior renovation in Paris | how it is to renovate property in Paris, France? | 'apartment renovation & design in Paris'


Paris is a hub for renovation industries. ‘Renovation of apartments’, old houses, arrangements of new houses, internal designing of old and new houses, professional upgradation of houses and apartments are some of the most in demand in Paris. There are multiple renovation firms who offer their services for above mentioned works. The main objective behind renovation is to get elegance and comfort inside your house or apartment and the 2nd objective is to increase the value of your houses or properties. To fulfill these objectives you often need ‘professional renovating contractors’ who offer high standard work to improve your lifestyle within the premises of your house. Because when it comes to Paris then you need the best firms to renovate your properties. As architects in Paris have the main role in making this city an architectural masterpiece and maintaining it.

How to renovate your bathroom in Paris? | Practical guide by ‘interior renovation contractors in Paris’


Practical Guide To Renovate or Remodel Bathroom of Your Parisian Apartment

“Bathroom” is one of the most important parts of your apartment. Although it does not take much space of your Parisian property, but its renovation or remodeling can be very far from being a very simple thing to do. Therefore, when we talk of 'renovating or remodeling a bathroom', there are lots of things to think and care about.. The things we focus are improving lighting and drainage systems, gaining more storage, equipped with latest material and renovating accessories.

Trip to Paris | What French Capital has to offer to visitors


Paris Travel Guide

Trip to Paris is always remembered by every visitor. Perfectly prepared streets, Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, and the romantic beauty of Paris. Paris is also known as the city of Love. Considering its historical touch, its leading role in fashion, style and glamour, we can call Paris as the capital of love and Fashion. Poets, Playwrights, artists, writers, and journalists all are expressing their love for Paris. They try to explain the beauty, fantasies, history and style of the city in such a way that the reader falls in love with the city. When it comes to romance, Paris is fascinated by millions of visitors day by day. It is a place of culture, tradition, Fashion, style and class. Paris is a historical gigantic city. Due to its role in enlightenment, Paris is also known as City of light. It would take years and years to explore its history spanned over thousands of years. You will also find some great museums such as Musee D’Orsay, Rodin Museum, Mémorial de la Shoah is the Holocaust museum in Paris, Musee D’Orangerie, and many more.

The charming city of Paris is considered the capital of fashion. Paris is full of art and rich culture. It offers endless opportunities to enjoy and experience French culture through its restaurants, parks and cafes. There is one more thing that you should know is that there are 20 districts of Paris which are named as ( paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20 )

If you are visiting Paris it is better to know some basic words such as Bonjour, Merci, pardon, Bonsoir. Because although many of French people do have basic knowledge of English language, perhaps they will not answer you in English. If you wish to speak in English, then at least start the conversation in French. Otherwise, French people may shrug off their shoulders.

Due to expensiveness you need money saving tips also. Another prominent element of Paris is that you need to remember that there is no property anywhere in France that does not need renovation, interior designing, upgrading or remodeling. So, renovating and interior designing is one of the most exciting parts of life for individuals living in Paris. From painting, to repairing, furniture procurement and turnkey installations, from remodeling to renovating you will find many companies offering their services for the purpose. Hence there is a huge market for painters, plumbers, electricians, interior designers, and decorators. It is also an art to find the best company for the services you are required under a low budget but with the best quality of services.

Paris is also full of historical structures such as Eiffel tower with a height of 324 meters is one of the most visited places in the world. The Latin Quarter of Paris which lies in the 5th and 6th arrondissements of Paris. The name of Latin Quarter originated from Latin language which was the main language in the Middle Ages. Another historical site is Notre-Dame de Paris simply known as Notre Dame, also a medieval Catholic cathedral which lies in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. It is one of the great cities where you can find something worth seeing at every corner. Paris is also famous through its leading brands such as Dior, Hermes, Chanel & jewelers, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and many more.

From the perspective of transport Paris is a hub consisting of highways, railways, metros, and air transport under two international airports. It has one of the busiest metro and railway systems in the whole Europe. Paris is a historical landmark as its history goes back to approximately 259 BC to Parisii, throughout its history it has witnessed countless riots, revolutions and wars.


Renovation & remodeling of an apartment in Paris-16, 75016 | apartment re-looking


apartment renovation & re-looking paris-16e

We are an ‘apartment renovation and remodeling company based in Paris’, the capital of France. This article is to help understand all those who wish to know about different stages of “interior renovation” projects are carried out, especially in Paris. Although This process may not be much different than the renovation in New York City or London, for example, but still it will help you see how we, at alpeintureparis, carry out our remodeling projects..

Post corona property prices: Paris real estate stays unaffected by Covid-19 pandemic, at least for now.


Covid-19 pandemic has savagely damaged economies world over and it is still spreading unchecked in different parts of the world. Among the other industries, real estate is also the one to take its toll. In many French cities, property prices witnessed a fall. However, prices of ‘Parisian properties’ stayed unmoved by the catastrophic effects of the lethal virus. This is what makes Paris, along with other major French cities, an ideal city for investment in real estate.

Budget apartment renovation in Paris | Tips to save money on interior remodeling in Paris | Free quotes for renovation projects

Money saving tips for apartment renovation in Paris


Paris is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. According to the Economists Intelligence Unit (EIU), Paris shared the title of the ‘most expensive city in the world’ with Hong Kong and Singapore. According to the EIU, French capital has been in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. In other words, the cost of living in Paris is higher than that of ‘London, Geneva, New York, Tokyo or Los Angeles’. It also means the cost of living in Paris is getting higher with every passing year. What it means for the home and property owners is that renovating and/or remodelling the home or apartment can be very expensive. Thanks to our extensive experience in apartment painting, renovation and remodelling — we share our insight on how to save your money if you have to remodel or paint your apartment.

Benefits and types of internal sliding doors in homes, apartments and studios

In big and cosmopolitan cities like New York, London, Tokyo, and 'Paris', living space is a major problem. Rents or the prices of spacious apartments and properties are high in Paris and thus require more fortune. Therefore Parisians regularly face the challenge of space management and/or space optimization inside their apartments. Sliding doors, in this context, do help to optimize the space.

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