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Money saving tips for apartment renovation in Paris


Paris is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. According to the Economists Intelligence Unit (EIU), Paris shared the title of the ‘most expensive city in the world’ with Hong Kong and Singapore. According to the EIU, French capital has been in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world. In other words, the cost of living in Paris is higher than that of ‘London, Geneva, New York, Tokyo or Los Angeles’. It also means the cost of living in Paris is getting higher with every passing year. What it means for the home and property owners is that renovating and/or remodelling the home or apartment can be very expensive. Thanks to our extensive experience in apartment painting, renovation and remodelling — we share our insight on how to save your money if you have to remodel or paint your apartment.

In this article, you will learn about those factors which are important in determining the “property renovation costs in Paris”. You will also find some helpful and practical tips for cost effective or ‘budget renovation in Paris’. General rates for renovation are also mentioned in case you are planning to buy an apartment in Paris and want to have an idea about ‘overall remodeling costs’. In addition, you will also find practical tips for selecting an “apartment renovation contractor” which may best serve your needs.


“Cost of home or apartment renovation in Paris” depends upon many factors.

If you are thinking of renovating or simply painting the interior of your apartment, it is very important that you carefully plan all those works which really needed to be done to uplift the interior of your residence before inviting ‘apartment builders for the quotes’. You can prepare all the list of things to do, and share it with home renovators, so that they are also familiar with the important details of your renovation project and thus can give you ideas to minimize the cost of renovation.


Some people, when the need arises to repair or renovate the apartment, when they contact an apartment renovation company in Paris, simply ask for a rough estimate of the whole renovation project. From clients’ perspective, it is very much understandable. However, from the home renovation company’s side, it is not that easy and simple. There is a huge difference between an imaginative quote and a realistic quote for renovation, whole or partial.


Fact of the matter is various factors play an important role to determine the overall “price of the renovation”. First of all, for example, the nature of the renovation project; simple home refreshment or complete remodelling of the apartment. Some apartment owners wish to carry out the interior renovation and design in a way that reflects better their taste and living style. This might require the expertise and competence of different natures, increasing the ‘cost of interior renovation’. Therefore, the cost of simple refreshment of the interior and the upscale renovation, quite naturally, cannot be the same.

Location of your home or apartment is also important while considering the overall renovation costs. Certain neighbourhoods of Paris are quite chic with upscale properties and luxurious apartments. Such apartments ask for more care and attention during the renovation. In Haussmannian apartments, for example, there are more details. Ceilings are higher and there are design works on walls. These decoration features ask for more time while painting the apartment. Similarly, different colours on walls asks for more work and materials. If you are on a budget, then simply choosing one colour for all walls can help greatly to reduce the cost of painting or renovation. In other words, the location and interior features of your apartment also play the crucial role in determining the cost of a renovation project.


‘Labour intensive renovation projects’ result in big bills, indeed. However the quality of furnishings and materials to be used in the apartment also determine renovation bills. There is a huge difference in the prices of good quality materials and luxurious products. When middlemen are involved, providing a liaison between apartment owner and home renovation company, they often tend to recommend custom made products. Without delving into the professional secrets, it is recommended to property owners if they really need the custom made solutions. Or, if a high quality product or furnishing can be a good substitute for the custom made item. Ask your 'interior renovation company' for the recommendations as well and then make your own decision.


Some practical tips to move the renovation quote upward or downward

First, the general condition of the property determines the level of renovation to be undertaken: complete or simple renovation, total or partial renovation, upgrading electricity work to latest standards or new installation, demolition, construction, replacing closures (doors, windows), modifying or creating a bathroom and kitchen, and the floor renovation etc. Then the type of property to renovate, the total area and its destination (rental investment or personal housing) are also important things to consider for evaluation of remodeling costs.


Although it is better to let the professionals take care of your “renovation or remodeling project” from beginning to the end, for the better quality and to avoid work related surprises, but if you are on a budget and looking for cost saving solutions, then you can see which works you can do yourself. By doing some jobs yourself, you can save some of your hard earned money.

To have an effective “control on the renovation budget” you can make three lists; first comprising the details of all those works which have to be carried out, second list of those items which maybe depend upon the quotes and the third of those works which you may be planning to do later on.

The reason for making different lists for renovation work is that once an “interior renovation contractors” is engaged, there fixed costs are covered, they can offer you good prices for the additional works. Sometimes, it does not require too much extra work and material to carry out these small renovation works and the company can offer you its services at best possible rates.


Average cost on one per meter square basis (1m2)

Many home renovation companies in Paris offer the “renovation costs on the basis of per m²”, to give the clients a general idea of the renovation or remodeling costs.

Important thing to consider, while asking for the renovation costs on per meter basis, is that this is just a rough idea and it does not reflect the ‘real costs’ of your renovation or painting project. The difference between ‘real costs’ and ‘general costs’ can be the huge one. Depending upon the “nature of your renovation project”, as it has been discussed above, ‘apartment renovation contractors’, when it comes to prepare the quote, may come up with quite different figures. So it is not a good idea to do all the planning on the basis of general or imaginative costs.

The best way to plan for your renovation, once you have finalized the details of your renovation project, is to ask an apartment renovation contractor for the quote. Experiences suggest that Emails exchanges or telephonic conversations are not always helpful to prepare a precise quote as clients see the project differently and apartment builders look for different details. Always rely on those quotes or estimates which are prepared after the visit.

When you invite a home renovation contractor for the quote, always ask for an itemized quote, with precise description of services and products. This will help you a lot to have a better control over the prices and costs of your interior renovation project.

A) Average cost for complete apartment remodeling in Paris

If the apartment is to be completely remodeled and it includes the change or creation of partitions, plumbing, creation of bathroom etc with high-end or luxury products, the overall costs may be around 1000–1300 Euros.

B) Average cost for complete renovation without demolition and construction

For such a renovation project, involving simple renovation and painting work, ‘kitchen and bathroom renovation’, and electric installations etc, you can consider the costs between 750 Euros to 1000 Euros.

C) Average cost for medium renovation projects

For mid-range renovation projects including simple renovation, plumbing, some electric works or modifications, floor renovation or tiling etc, you can consider the renovation costs between 500 to 800 Euros.

D) Average cost for light renovation

For ‘light renovation’ work (painting, wallpapering, changes in floor coverings, small repairs etc.), you can consider the renovation price between 200 to 500 Euros per square meter.

Final words

1. Whenever you are to indulge in renovating your Parisian property, always contact three or four “apartment builders in Paris”. And, always ask for an itemized quote. The way the quote is prepared will also help you have an idea about the renovation contractors.

2. Do not go for an apartment renovation company which is offering their services at extremely lower rates. Apartment renovation contractors offering very lower rates are likely to not know the work details and can make the renovation project complicated.

3. Prices of the ‘apartment renovation contractors’ are almost in the same range, though some may like to ask for quite higher prices. However, do not always select a contractor which is offering the lowest but standard prices. When the representative of the company is visiting your place, ask who will be responsible for supervising the work. And, also see the attitude of that person if he seems serious about his work.


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