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Renovation & remodeling of an apartment in Paris-16, 75016 | apartment re-looking


apartment renovation & re-looking paris-16e

We are an ‘apartment renovation and remodeling company based in Paris’, the capital of France. This article is to help understand all those who wish to know about different stages of “interior renovation” projects are carried out, especially in Paris. Although This process may not be much different than the renovation in New York City or London, for example, but still it will help you see how we, at alpeintureparis, carry out our remodeling projects..

If you have visited websites of other apartment renovation contractors and builders in Paris, then you may have observed the tendency to put pictures before and after the renovation work. These pictures do help clients understand what is made up from the original structure, but it does fail to portray the process of achieving this result. In the following paragraphs, and photos, you will see the interplay of care, attention, and the organization of the project at work.

This apartment renovation project in the 16th district of Paris which shares its boundaries with 17th, 15th, 7th and 8th districts of Paris and also with Boulogne Billancourt, Neuilly sur Seine, and Puteaux. Interior renovation of this apartment involved different types of renovation work, mentioned as under;

  • Demolition of a wall

  • Electricity work

  • Repair and renovation of parquets floor

  • Installation of internal sliding door

  • Plastering, painting and wallpapering

We always start our ‘interior renovation’ of a property by completely protecting the floor and furniture, if the apartment is occupied. Since this ‘property’ was empty, bar a single wooden shelf, we only had to protect the floor with plastic sheets. As mentioned above, although the “parquets” were to be renovated afterwards, but still we took care that these are not damaged by demolition or painting work.

protection of floor before apartment renovation paris

The wall seen next to the radiateur is to be demolished.

And, the demolition of the wall starts. It was as simple as it appears; simple demolition. One radiateur in the corner is visible, but not the other one which is installed on the other side of the smaller wall. And, then there are two pipes, coming from the floor and going into the ceiling. What does it mean practically? Three things, precisely.

  • Demolishing the wall up to the angle is not an option due to the presence of two pipes ( it could be done, but esthetically it would not really look good. Just imagine, 2 pipes hanging in the middle of the room.

  • As there is another “radiateur” which is behind the smaller wall, we could not demolish it right away. Clients wanted the wall, from the upper side, to be demolished upto the pipes and, on the lower side, around the 2nd radiateur, corresponding to its height and width.

  • Between the wall and ceiling, a mold or corniche is visible. Due to this mold, the wall could not be demolished up to the ceiling due to esthetic questions. On all walls of the drawing room, the corniche was present and its absence, on some part, would not give a nice view.

With above mentioned considerations in mind, finally starts the demolition stage, as seen below.

apartment renovation company in paris

As seen in the above picture, we took extra care to protect the parquet floor by placing the doors on the floor so that the rubble does not fall directly on the floor and thus damages the wooden parquets.

demolition of wall

In the picture above, it can be seen how the wall cut next to the pipes. Part of the wall, very next to the radiateur, hosts the other radiateur, which was to serve the other room ( before demolition ).

Following two pictures show how the 'apartment' looks like after the completion of demolition work...

The electric cables seen were to be verified if their suppression affects electric circuits or not, and then removed. Verification of the current was necessary to ensure that the suppression of electric cables does not affect the electric circuit in any way.

It can be seen that as early as the demolition phase was over, all the ruble was put into bags, which were later moved to the waste collection center.

In the following picture, after the wall removal, some empty space on the floor is visible. 'Wooden baguettes' are put on the corners of the walls, to give a decent and uniform look.

In the following picture, it can be seen that empty space in the floor is filled by the concrete. Indeed, it is not filled to the floor level as wooden parquets are to be installed on it later on.

This apartment renovation project in Paris 16th included installation of electrical outlets, just above the kitchen table to facilitate the use of electric appliances in the kitchen.

Again it can be seen that before starting the electric work, kitchen table is properly protected with a thick plastic sheet.

The next stage required the preparation of walls, and reparation of all the defects and surface imperfections. In the kitchen, all the walls and the ceiling needed to be plastered, as there was a sort of wallpaper, both on the walls and the ceiling.

This required an under-paint, and then two layers of the plastering. It was followed by complete sanding off of the surfaces, before application of the paint.

With electric outlets installed in the kitchen, the next stage was to do the repair work : complete plastering, and the repair of the parquet floor as it had been damaged on certain points due to wear and tear.

In the picture above installation of new parquets can be seen in the place where there stood the wall before demolition. Sometimes, walls are erected directly on the floor and in such case we may not have to put the parquets in the empty space.

In the following picture, darker stains on the floor indicate areas where minor repair work was required. In other words, the floor was completely verified for any damaged parquets before the start of sanding off or the renovation. Walls and skirting boards can be seen painted. Finishing line of the paint can also be seen. After the renovation of parquets, we may need some touch up on the skirting boards.

In the following picture, renovation of parquets can be seen. The sanding stage is quite dusty even the machine sucks in most of the dust.

After sanding off the parquet, the next stage was to apply two layers of ‘vitrificateur’. As it can be seen, the walls are already repaired and painted. The choice of the colours was indeed made by our clients. It might be interesting to mention that floor renovation was started once the painting work was approved by clients and we had a green signal to move on to the final stage. In some other articles, plastering and painting work will be explained in great detail.

In the following picture, the apartment can be seen after the floor renovation.

apartment painting and renovation in parisparquet renovation in paris

The clients preferred one part of the wall in a different colour, ‘to break the monotony’. After the “renovation work”, clients wanted to put the wooden shelf ( which is seen in some photos ) just in front of this part. The wall in colour would thus serve as a background therefore.

In the hallway between rooms, “wall paper” was to put on the walls. This wallpaper was selected by the clients. Our ‘interior renovation company’ purchased and put it on the walls.

Upon the demand of the clients, for the bathroom, a sliding door was installed. Considering the intimate nature of the bathroom, a lock was installed in the sliding door so that the door can not be opened from outside once this room is in use.

* Who are we?

  • This project was realised in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. However, our “apartment renovation company” is available in all districts of Paris. We are also available in suburbs, in a radius of 45 km from Paris( (‘Vincennes, Neuilly sur Seine, Meudon, Versailles, Créteil, Saint Mandé, Maisons Alfort’, Courbevoie, La Défense, Puteaux, Nanterre, Boulogne Billancourt, Saint Cloud, Clamart, Châtillon, Montrouge, Fontenay sous Bois, Montreuil, Les Lilas, Bagnolet, Bondy, Les Lilas, Charenton le Pont, Le Bourget, Drancy, Ivry sur Seine, Vitry sur Seine, Saint Ouen, Clichy, Colombes, Gennevilliers, Enghien les Bains, Groslay, Villiers sur Marne, Champigny sur Marne, Vanves, Villejuif)

Our ‘apartment renovation & remodeling company’ is known for offering interior renovation and painting services at competitive rates. In addition, we do offer free and itemized quotes so that our clients have clear ideas about renovation costs for different stages of their renovation project and they can keep their project within their limits. In addition, they can also compare our prices with other apartment builders in Paris as well. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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