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Monday, May 17, 2021

Apartment builders in Paris | Home & office renovation company in Paris | English speaking contractors

You have just bought the new apartment in Paris, or you have rented a new apartment or studio, and the condition of the interior is very bad. Plastering is damaged. There are lots of cracks in the walls, and ceilings. Some walls are damaged with the humidity. The apartment is not ready to live.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Entreprise peinture et rénovation paris, val de marne, hauts de seine: travaux de peinture bâtiment à 75, 92, 93, 94, et 95 | artisan peintre paris

Travaux de peinture et rénovation intérieure à paris

Rénovation intérieure à paris, hauts de seine, val de marne

Alpeintureparis propose toutes sortes de solutions de rénovation à Paris, Hauts de Seine et Val de Marne: projets de construction, de rénovation et d'aménagement intérieur pour la rénovation d'appartements, de la maisons, la rénovation d'hôtels, la rénovation de restaurants, la rénovation d'hôpitaux, la rénovation de cliniques, la rénovation de bureaux etc pour un tarif intéressant à paris et banlieu ( 'Neuilly-sur-Seine', Courbevoie, Colombes, Ablon sur Seine, Alfortville, Boissy st Léger, Bonneuil sur Marne, Charenton le Pont, Choisy le Roi, Créteil, Ivry sur Seine,  Maisons-Alfort, Mandres les Roses, Marolles en Brie, Orly, Périgny sur Yerres, St Maur des Fossés, Saint Maurice, Santeny, Sucy en Brie, Valenton, Villecresnes, Villeneuve le Roi, Villeneuve st Georges, Vitry sur Seine. La Garenne Colombes, Châtillon, Montrouge, Vanves, Versailles, Maisons Laffitte, Créteil, Pantin, Bagnolet, Boulogne Billancourt, Saint-Cloud, Le Bourget, Aubervilliers, Cergy, Pontoise, Ermont etc… )

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Apartment renovation in ‘Hauts de Seine’ | entreprise de peinture 92



Alpeintureparis’ is a general building and interior renovation company located in Paris. Our ‘interior renovation company’ has highly qualified workers; painters, electricians, masons, tilers, and carpenters etc, to ensure high quality of the work. In addition, we regularly verify the quality of the renovation work to ensure that we offer high quality services to renovate your apartment in the ‘Hauts de Seine region’. In addition, we offer a single point of contact who will remain the same throughout your renovation work, so that you can better organize your renovation project.

Whatever the nature of your interior remodeling or renovation project - complete or partial renovation project of:


  • House

  • Apartment

  • Studio

  • Local commercial

  • tertiary premises (shops, offices)

  • Whether you are an individual or a professional,


Alpeintureparis is capable of providing you with all the solutions to renovate your property in the Hauts de Seine region. In addition, we are also available in Val de Marne, and Paris too.

We support and advise you in the development of your construction or interior renovation project:


  • Definition of renovation needs

  • Materials choice

  • Consideration of your requirements

  • Step by step planning of your project

  • Regular supervising of the quality of work

  • Regular reporting about the progress of the work


We take care of the management of all of your new and renovation work.


As a general building contractor, alpeintureparis frees you from the constraints of the site and guarantees the success of your project:


  • Rooms’ creation

  • Decoration advice

  • Space planning

  • Renovation or creation of bathroom

  • Interior and exterior painting work

  • Plastering and wallpapering

  • Beautification work


Our ‘general building and renovation company’ in the Hauts de Seine region gives priority to the quality of services, carried out in accordance with the rules of the art, to guarantee you turnkey renovation solutions that meet your expectations.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Free itemized quotes for your renovation project | remodeling contractors Paris

Free quotes for your renovation projects in Paris

    You wish to renovate or remodel your apartment, studio, duplex, house or property in Paris, and you are interested in free quotes?

    Not all, but some ‘interior renovation contractors’ in Paris charge for preparing the quotes under the title of studying the project. In other words, you have to pay even for the quote for your interior renovation project.

    This fee is normal, if your renovation or remodeling project requires a detailed technical study of diagnostic nature. The basic objective of such a study is to see if the electricity is according to latest norms, or to prepare 3D plans and drawings for the renovation work. So this is entirely different then establishing a quote. This is basically the job of either an architect or interior decorator.

Apartment building & renovation contractors in Paris | interior renovation & design in Paris & suburbs

Apartments in Paris – most of the time – need complete or partial renovation work. This is especially true when you become the owner of a new apartment, or you rent a new house or studio. French apartment owners tend to live in an apartment – or in a house – for many years without doing much to keep the apartment up to date. As many buildings in Paris are quite old, – therefore – ‘interior renovation or painting’ is often needed.

Renovate your bathroom on budget | Paris renovation contractors


Budget Renovation of your Parisian Bathroom 

Paris is an expensive city, and complete renovation of the property in French capital cost a fortune. And, thus not all the people can afford the luxurious renovation of their apartment or bathroom, to be specific.

Just imagine that you have either rented or purchased an apartment in Paris, and the interior of the bathroom is not of your taste. Cupboards can be changed easily, thanks to IKEA or Leroy Merlin. But you do not like the colour of your bathtub or the sink. Or, if the colour of the bathtub is ok, then perhaps you do not like the colours of tiles on walls or on the floor?

👉  Apartment renovation & remodeling costs in Paris

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Interior renovation contractors paris 16 | Apartment builders in paris 16 | English speaking renovation company paris

 Interior Renovation Contractors in Paris 16

Alpeintureparis is a ‘renovation company in Paris’ which is an all-trades building and remodelling company specializing in interior renovations, in Paris and suburbs

In last 14 years, we have supervised and done the renovation work in the variety of the work sites, from simple interior painting to the ‘high-end renovation projects’ in Paris 16th.

Alpeintureparis is well aware of the expectations of its clients in the 16th district of Paris, whether it is to renovate a bathroom or a house, all sites are carried out with attention to detail, and quality materials. We ensure regular monitoring to keep customers informed of progress of ‘high end or luxury renovation’ work in Paris 75016.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Apartment renovation cost in Paris. Money saving tips for property improvement.

Renovation cost for a property - be it an apartment, studio, or home in Paris- depends upon many factors. The best way to determine the realistic renovation is to call an apartment builder and get a free quote for property renovation. However, if you are planning to buy a property in Paris or thinking to renovate your home, a rough estimate about the renovation costs can be of great help.