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Apartment renovation in ‘Le Marais, Paris’ | ‘apartment builders’ & renovation contractors Paris


Apartment remodeling & renovation in Le Marais, Paris

This article is to share how an apartment was transformed by our “apartment renovation company in Paris”, as per the demands of the owner, in Le Marais Paris, very close to the ‘quartier de Bastille’, and in the heart of Paris.

First, a few words about the history of Le Marais area. Inhibited since 12th century, this quartier of Paris has enormous historic value. Order of the Temple was built here in 1240. Charles I of Anjou, and the brother of King Louis IX of France built their residence here. Once the nobles of France lived in this area however during the French Revolution the French nobility abandoned this area. However it still enjoys the reputation of an aristocratic area of Paris.

Coming back to our renovation project, when people buy an apartment or property in Paris, as in other parts of the world, they prefer to renovate and remodel their residences to make it more comfortable and also reflect their personal signatures in the interior decoration. So, when the owner of this apartment purchased this property in Le Marais, it really needed some renovation work not only to uplift but also to update some electric installations according to the current norms.

During the first visit to this property, the condition of the apartment suggested that it was put on the rent previously. Paint was not in good condition. Tiles in the kitchen have become quite old, and they were also broken on certain points. Parquet floor was damaged in certain areas. Electric outlets were not according to the current norms.

This was a one ‘bedroom apartment of about 50m2’, with a big bedroom, separate kitchen, drawing room, and a bathroom including toilets. Indeed, it has been an ideal place for one or two persons to enjoy life in central Paris.

Our client, the new “owner of the property”, wanted to remodel it lightly to make it more comfortable in a way which best reflects her personality. First of all, she wanted to have an open kitchen, which is known as ‘american kitchen’. This would require the demolition of 2 kitchen walls, along with the tiles on the floor and walls.

After purchasing this apartment, and before assessing the renovation needs, she stayed in the apartment for a few days to see what sort of living experience this apartment was about to offer. In those nights, she found out that the bedroom walls were not thick enough to stop the noise coming from her neighbor. Thus she wanted to soundproof the walls so that it does not disturb her sleep and tranquility.

In short, this ‘interior renovation project in Le Marais Paris’ required following renovation details.

  • Demolition of the 2 walls of the kitchen

  • Demolition of tiles in the kitchen and hallway

  • Soundproofing of one wall in the bedroom

  • Installation of tiles on the floor of new kitchen

  • Installation of some missing skirting boards

  • Installation of parquet floor in hallway

  • Few electric updates

  • Plastering and repair work in the 'bathroom'

  • Complete renovation of parquets ( in bedroom, hallway, and the drawing room )

  • Apartment painting ( walls and ceilings )

For the ‘installations of the kitchen appliances’ she has contacted another ‘kitchen renovation company’ which specializes in installing kitchen appliances. Once all works were done, she was to take care of aesthetic aspects and interior decorations of the apartment herself.

If the “renovation of an apartment” also includes the demolition, then quite logically it becomes the ‘first stage of interior renovation project’. So the walls of the kitchen and tiles on the floor was demolished at the very beginning. Once the demolition stage was over, now we had the apartment ready to carry out the renovation work and ‘remodel the apartment’ in a way our client wanted it to be.

Kitchen Renovation

As mentioned above, our job included the preparation of walls and floor after the ‘demolition’ of the existing tiles. After the removal of tiles, this is how the wall looked like. Indeed, it does not give an impression of a modern and “perfect Parisian apartment” in an area like ‘Le Marais’. But after 2 layers of plastering, it will be smooth with a perfect finishing.

In the following picture, 2 things are easy to note. First tile area is repaired with “plastering”. It might be surprising for some readers why does the wall look white, even the plastering is not done yet. This is because, we have applied one layer of ‘under-paint’ which is known as sous-couche or impression in the local market. This layer of under-paint ensures good adhesion of plastering to the wall surface. This wall still need two complete layers of plastering.

In the following picture, the wall can be seen after 2 layers of plastering. First layer of plastering with a type of plaster of Paris which is known as ‘enduit garnissant’. The main objective of this layer of plastering is to repair all surface imperfections. The second layer of plastering is done with ‘enduit fin’. This type of plaster of Paris consists of very fine particles which fit in ‘enduit garnissant’ and thus give a perfect and smooth finishing.

In the above picture, the corner of the wall looks quite straight. Before the start of our ‘renovation project’, the corner of the wall was very damaged. Therefore, we had to put an ‘angular baguette’ on the corner. Then we did little plastering and sanding. In the following picture, its installation can be seen on the corner.

Along with the wall, we also needed to repair the floor as well and install tiles. In the following picture, after the ‘demolition of tiles’, a very thin layer of concrete can be seen to make the surface even to put the tiles later on.

The next stage is to put tiles on the floor. In the following picture, tiles can be seen on the floor.

A view of the tiles from another angle

In the following picture, you can see how does the wall look after the completion of renovation and painting work.

Bedroom renovation and installation of plasterboard.

As mentioned above, our client has complained that the noise passed through the wall which disturbed the peace and tranquility in the night especially. So, we installed double plasterboards. These “plasterboards” are specially made to absorb the noise. Behind these plasterboards, a special rockwool was put, to absorb the noise. In simple words, with 2 layers of ‘acoustique plasterboards and rockwool’, now there is maximum noise protection.

In the above picture, it can be seen that minor gaps between plasterboards is filled with plaster of Paris. However, it is not ready yet to do the paint. In the following picture, application of the underpaint is seen along with a partial layer of plastering.

interior renovation contractors in paris

With the application of ‘plaster of Paris’ on the joints, now this wall is ready for the application of 2 layers of plastering. In the following picture, the wall can be seen after the application of plastering and sanding. As there was luggage in the apartment, we had to put it in the bedroom to make room for work in the “bathroom”. It can be seen how perfectly the wall looks and there is no sign of joints or that of the ‘bandes’.

Repair of ceiling and cornice ( Corniche )

The wall between the kitchen and drawing room has to be demolished. First of all, it was decided that the wall is to be demolished until the ceiling. But later on, considering the presence of cornices on the rest of the ceilings, it was decided to keep the cornice on the drawing room side. Therefore, to get the good and perfect finishing, we had to put ‘angular baguettes’ on the corner of the cornices.

Ceiling looks white because we have applied one layer of under-paint. In the following picture, application of plastering can be seen in that part of cornice.

apartment renovation le marais paris

After the completion of our work, no sign of repair work is visible as it can be seen in the following picture.

apartment renovation company le marais paris

Parquets and floor renovation

Previously, in the hallway there were tiles on the floor. So we needed to put parquet on the floor in the hallway. We also needed to put parquets on the gap between the kitchen tiles and parquet in the drawing room.

interior renovation company in paris

Another picture of parquets installation. In the next picture, skirting boards can also be seen.

In the following pictures, the ‘interior of the apartment’ can be seen after the completion of the renovation work...

The bathroom painting

apartment builders in paris

The drawing room

apartment renovation cost in paris

Some of the pictures of our “property renovation project” in Le Marais Paris, displayed above, show the way our interior renovation company in Paris takes care of its interior renovation project. We have our own team of skilled and professional workers. We are a medium size renovation company and we take care of all apartment renovation needs, A to Z, ourselves. Unlike many of our competitors in “home renovation and remodeling industry in Paris”, we do not subcontract our renovation projects with other subcontractors. Therefore, we are able to reply to all queries in time, and we are already available to our clients during the course of carrying out renovation work.

Our ‘home renovation company’ is available not only in Le Marais, but almost all arrondissements of Paris, especially 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 15th, 14th, 16th and 17th arrondissements.

After the first visit, we offer free itemized quote, known as “DEVIS” in French, which details all renovation details so that our clients have a clear idea about the cost of each renovation step i.e. ‘demolition, renovation, painting, bathroom renovation, and kitchen renovation etc’.


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