Saturday, January 19, 2019

Apartment renovation in Paris | Transform your tiny apartment into a stylish and spacious apartment, interior renovation & painting in Paris

For most of Parisian people, living space in apartment is always a big problem. Living in Paris is expensive and renting a big apartment costs a fortune. However, if you are owner of your apartment, clever space saving strategies may help transform your apartment in a spacious and stylish home.

  • If you are facing these problems and thinking to renovate your apartment, perhaps it is the right time to think about space saving strategies and making some smart choices to design a chic home to accommodate all your needs. In addition, to remodel the apartment so that it is in accordance with your tastes and leaves a good impression on your visitors.

If you are thinking such a renovation project, then it is important to make a detailed layout and plan the whole renovation project. In addition to this, you also need to have a very close communication with the apartment renovation firm which is carrying out renovation work in your Parisian apartment.
In addition to this – you also need to realize that even minute details of your apartment renovation project are planned, there will be certain modifications during the renovation course. So you have to be fully prepared for these modifications. You must also keep in mind possible additional works.

Create an American kitchen

Generally – the kitchen, dining area and living room take up almost half space of your apartment. This space can be saved by creating an open kitchen – which is also known as American kitchen. American kitchen is getting more and more popular these days in Paris. American kitchen does help a lot to save space and make your apartment spacious.

Choose the right doors for your apartment

  • Most of us ignore how much space consume in our apartment which can be used the other way. Problem with traditional doors is that they need certain space to move, which can not be used.
Sliding doors inside apartment can help save space. Sliding doors moves within the walls, therefore they do not take extra space of your apartment. These doors come with different mechanisms and finishing.

Sliding doors are a great idea specially for the kitchen, dining room and bathroom ( specially if bathroom in your apartment is not big). In this way – you can use this space for some other purposes.

An Elevated Sleeping Area.

This technique can specially be used if you are living in tiny apartments, which are called studios in Paris.
In this way – you can use the floor space for your day to day living. You can have your sleeping area in an elevated state. The space under your elevated sleeping area can be used as office or bureau.

If you are planning to renovate your apartment, perhaps it is the best time to think about space saving strategies.

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