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Home renovation company in paris, France | English speaking apartment renovation company & home builders in paris


Paris is a multicultural city, with expats living from different parts of the world. Expats living in Paris on long term basis make an effort to learn French and communicate in this language. However, expats living on short term basis, if they have to renovate their home or apartment in Paris, sometimes find it difficult to find a home renovation company in Paris whose employees also speak English.

'Apartment remodelling contractors in Paris' | Apartment Builders & Renovators in Paris.

 Apartment painting, renovation & remodelling in Paris


    You have an ‘interior renovation project’ in your residence, and you are looking for “bilingual apartment builders” who speak English as well?


    Then, you are at the right place. We are bilingual. We speak French, and also English. Our official and ‘free quotes’ are in French, as the law requires it. However, we may offer a translation for the ease of your understanding.


“We pride ourselves to make your apartment as your SWEET HOME”


Luxury 'apartment renovation in Paris' | upscale property remodeling | 'high-end interior renovation in paris'


Do you want to modernize or renovate your ‘high-end apartment, studio or duplex in Paris’, to make it more functional, larger or more modern according to the latest standards? We are an all-trades company - with a team of professional painters, tilers, electricians and masons etc. – and we can transform your ‘luxurious apartment in Paris’ according to your ideas, dreams and tastes. Indeed, at competitive prices!

Your apartment is a living and relaxing space where you like to spend time with your family. Your apartment is a place where you invite guests, and where important things of your life happen. This important place must combine functionality and aesthetics to show your personal taste. In simple words, your apartment must match your personality. Apartment remodeling or interior renovation is the most effective way to make it more convenient for you and your family. But it's also important to point out that it also increases the market value of your property.

 👉 Interior renovation costs for upscale properties in Paris




Interior renovation contractors paris 16 | Apartment builders in paris 16 | 'English speaking renovation company paris'

 Interior Renovation Contractors in Paris 16

    Alpeintureparis is a ‘renovation company in Paris’ which is an all-trades building and remodelling company specializing in interior renovations, in Paris and suburbs

    In last 14 years, we have supervised and done the renovation work in the variety of the work sites, from simple interior painting to the ‘high-end renovation projects’ in Paris 16th.

    Alpeintureparis is well aware of the expectations of its clients in the 16th district of Paris, whether it is to renovate a bathroom or a house, all sites are carried out with attention to detail, and quality materials. We ensure regular monitoring to keep customers informed of progress of ‘high end or luxury renovation’ work in Paris 75016.

Renovation & Remodelling Costs in Paris on Per Square Meter Basis. See ‘How Much Does it Cost to Renovate Apartment In Paris’

 Renovation & Remodeling Costs in Paris

In this article, we will try to help you give an idea about apartment renovation costs on a per meter square basis. This way, you can have a rough idea how much it is going to cost you to renovate your property, home, office, or apartment in Paris.

Now let us move on to the cost of renovating an apartment, a house, a studio depending on the level of intervention.


Apartment renovation & remodelling costs in Paris, Boulogne billancourt, Neuilly sur Seine, Vincennes, Versailles, Montrouge, Hauts de Seine, Val de Marne. ‘Paris Renovation contractors’

 Interior renovation & remodeling costs in Paris & suburbs

Are you planning to renovate your apartment or property in Paris, and you are wondering how much it is  going to cost to ‘completely remodel or renovate your Parisian property’?

In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the cost of a renovation in Paris, regardless of the type of accommodation, or apartment. Although the best way to learn the cost of renovation is to ask for the free and itemized quote from an ‘interior renovation contractor in Paris’, it is still very helpful to have a general idea about the costs and prices for the renovation project.

Before embarking on a project of this magnitude, it is important to know the overall prices for an apartment, house, studio or other renovation; this necessarily goes through a planning phase.

Renovate your bathroom on budget | 'Paris renovation contractors'


Budget Renovation of your Parisian Bathroom 

Paris is an expensive city, and complete renovation of the property in French capital cost a fortune. And, thus not all the people can afford the luxurious renovation of their apartment or bathroom, to be specific.

Just imagine that you have either rented or purchased an apartment in Paris, and the interior of the bathroom is not of your taste. Cupboards can be changed easily, thanks to IKEA or Leroy Merlin. But you do not like the colour of your bathtub or the sink. Or, if the colour of the bathtub is ok, then perhaps you do not like the colours of tiles on walls or on the floor?

👉  Apartment renovation & remodeling costs in Paris

Interior ‘remodeling costs’ to renovate your luxury apartment, studio, duplex our house in paris & paris-region | 'Renovation Contractors Paris'

 Renovation Costs for Upscale Property in Paris

You are going to acquire or you already own an ‘apartment, house, studio, loft, or duplex in Paris’ or in the Paris region and you want to know the budget for your work.

Several factors come into play - is it an old Haussmann-style property or a recent residence. Is it a rental investment or your primary or secondary residence. Would you like to do a full or partial renovation?

For this reason, it is difficult to decide on an average cost for the renovation of an apartment or a house in Paris.

English Speaking apartment builders, renovators, painters in Paris | home renovation company in paris, france

English speaking home renovation company in Paris, France.

Paris – in many ways – is a multicultural city. One can find people from every corner of the world, and of every race and colour, very easily in Paris. Paris is a city of fashion, culture, glamour, education and of love. Lots of people come to live in Paris for different reasons. People living in Paris on short term basis are often not well versed in English. With English being almost universal language of communication – lots of interior and home renovation companies claim on their websites that they also speak English. But still it is not that easy to find an 'interior renovation company' which can offer renovation and remodeling services at affordable prices.

Interior renovation & design at best prices | 'Paris Renovation Contractors'


Do you have a ‘interior renovation project’ for your home, apartment, hotel, studio, boutique or office in Paris or in the Paris region? And, you are looking for an ‘interior renovation contractor’ for the renovation & design services from A to Z?


Before positioning new partitions, false ceilings or even new kitchen or bathroom furniture, the old ones must be demolished and evacuated. This may also require the demolition of electric installations, and plumbing modifications. Once the demolition stage is over, only then renovation work can be started.

Apartment 'renovation in Paris-13' | professional painters & renovators in Paris | Design & remodeling services Paris 75013

 Apartment painting and renovation in Paris-13, 75013

    Do you want to have painting work done in your house, apartment, offices or even business, hall or entrance porch, or have your wall covering changed by a professional ‘apartment painting company’?


    Is your environment no longer to your liking,  and do you want to revitalize it? Restore it?  Offer your ‘apartment’ a makeover?

'Apartment builders in Paris' | Home & office renovation company in Paris | 'English speaking contractors'

You have just bought the new 'apartment in Paris', or you have rented a new apartment or studio, and the condition of the interior is very bad. Plastering is damaged. There are lots of cracks in the walls, and ceilings. Some walls are damaged with the humidity. The apartment is not ready to live.

Costs of apartment renovation in Paris | 'Luxury, medium & light remodeling contractors in paris'.

To ‘renovate an apartment or property in Paris’, the very first step always is to have a general idea how much is it going to cost. Although it is possible to determine the budget first, and then engage in the renovation project. However, the later is not always a best option as the ‘renovation costs’ may change during the different stages of the 'renovation, or remodeling of the apartment or flat'.

Apartment renovation in ‘Hauts de Seine’ | "entreprise de peinture 92"



Alpeintureparis’ is a general building and interior renovation company located in Paris. Our ‘interior renovation company’ has highly qualified workers; painters, electricians, masons, tilers, and carpenters etc, to ensure high quality of the work. In addition, we regularly verify the quality of the renovation work to ensure that we offer high quality services to renovate your apartment in the ‘Hauts de Seine region’. In addition, we offer a single point of contact who will remain the same throughout your renovation work, so that you can better organize your renovation project.

Which paint is best to paint the interior of your apartment, flat, home, office or bureau in paris or ile de france?

Have you just become the owner of your 'apartment, studio, home, or a shop' – and, you want to paint the "interior of your residence". Or, you want to complete renovate your apartment, at less price, with high quality of work. You are looking for an apartment painting company, or interior renovation and design company in Paris to do the job?

Many people, before they contact an apartment renovation company, wants to know about the characteristics of different types of paints so that they can make better decisions when they contact an "apartment renovation company in paris".

High-End Renovation in Paris | 'Luxury Renovation of Haussmannians apartments in Paris'.

 The most favourite destination for the tourists, Paris is considered a city of charm, style, romance and fashion. Not only this, Paris is also a favourite destination for the rich who love to have a ‘luxury apartment in Paris’, or nearby cities like Neuilly sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt or even Versailles. Paris is an ideal city for anyone who adores a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury apartments in Paris are thus always high in demand. We often see in the news about Arab sheikhs and businesspersons from Asia and America buying luxurious properties in Paris.


Luxury Apartment Renovation in Paris.


Free itemized quotes for your renovation project | remodeling contractors Paris

Free quotes for your renovation projects in Paris

    You wish to renovate or remodel your apartment, studio, duplex, house or property in Paris, and you are interested in free quotes?

    Not all, but some ‘interior renovation contractors’ in Paris charge for preparing the quotes under the title of studying the project. In other words, you have to pay even for the quote for your interior renovation project.

    This fee is normal, if your renovation or remodeling project requires a detailed technical study of diagnostic nature. The basic objective of such a study is to see if the electricity is according to latest norms, or to prepare 3D plans and drawings for the renovation work. So this is entirely different then establishing a quote. This is basically the job of either an architect or interior decorator.

« Rénovation appartements et travaux de peinture à paris »

Notre ‘entreprise de peinture à paris’ est à votre service pour tous vos travaux de peinture intérieure / extérieure, démolition, construction, rénovation à paris’, hauts de seine, et val de marne. Pour savoir le coût de votre projet de rénovation ou peinture intérieure, n’hésitez pas à nous joindre pour avoir un « devis gratuit ».