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practical tips & tricks to ‘renovate apartment, home, flat or office in paris’.

You own an apartment, and you wish to renovate, or upgrade it?
You just purchased an apartment in Paris, and you wish to renovate the interior of your apartment, or home in Paris, and you wish to do some painting work before moving in, and start your new life.
As an ‘apartment renovation company in Paris’, here are some of the tips and tricks to make the ‘interior renovation of your apartment in Paris’ as simple and pleasant experience as possible.
A simple or light apartment renovation in Paris is not a much difficult task. However, if your project requires renovation of medium level, or if complete remodeling of the apartment is required, in such a case, ‘renovating a property in Paris’, requires lots of planning, and attention.
A.  Resale value of your apartment in Paris.
Apartment upgrades or home improvement always adds ‘value to the property in Paris’. And, it is not a secret that prices of property in Paris always continue to go higher and higher.
Whenever you are planning to do medium renovation, or entirely remodeling of your apartment in Paris, always think of the resale value of your apartment. This will help you make some logical decisions to determine the nature and scope of the ‘interior renovation of your home’.
Upgrading the kitchen and renovating the bathroom in your Parisian apartment will increase dramatically the price of your apartment. Similarly, you can see that if the electric wiring is according to the latest standards applicable in Paris. Think if by demolishing one wall, or two, you can increase the ‘living space of your apartment in Paris’. Similarly, before deciding the scope of your renovation project, have a look on the parquets floor and see if they need a renovation or you want to replace them.

B. Plan your apartment renovation in detail.
As said above, medium and heavy renovation projects need lots of planning and attention. Therefore, it would be better to plan each stage in detail. Determine what do you want once the renovation is complete. If possible, try to see how your apartment will look in 3D. It might add up some extra renovation costs, but if in the case of complete remodeling of the apartment, it is worth it. To select the cupboards and other furniture, you can visit IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Conforama, Castorama and / or Bricorama to have a look on their products.
C. Choose your ‘apartment renovation contractor’ carefully.
Cost and quality are two important factors while ‘renovating a property in Paris’. Therefore, try to get 3 quotes for your home renovation project. When the representative of interior renovation company is visiting your apartment, discuss your renovation project and see if he is serious towards his work. Compare the quotes offered by different renovation companies. Remember that you do not have always to pick up an interior design or renovation company with office in a chic neighborhoods. Neither it is obligatory to pick a renovation company which comes at the top of the research results. These marketing costs are paid by the clients. So when you search for a home renovation company, select carefully the contractor you are going to work with.
D. Ask for a detailed quote.
If the nature and scope of your ‘interior renovation project in Paris’ is simple, then maybe you can ask for a global price as it is quick and takes less time. But, always better to ask for an itemized quote, with every service written separately. Read very carefully this quote or the contract. Maybe some detail is missing. Or maybe you want to add something into the quote.
E. Be ready for few work related surprises.
Life brings us so many surprises, and so does the interior renovation. When the nature and scope of apartment renovation is medium or high, in most of the cases, it is almost impossible to foresee work related surprises. Something would certainly come while renovating the interior. As a general rule, be ready to spend around 10% extra of the overall price mentioned in the quote. If the project goes as planned, you ‘earn’ this money, thanks to your careful planning.
F. Don’t buy materials yourself.
Some people try to be extra smart, and they think that if they supply apartment builders with building materials, they can save a lots of money by it. Such people often feel sorry afterwards, and there are enough reasons for this.
Salesmen at Leroy Merlin, IKEA, Castorama, Bricorama, or Conforama or other home improvement stores in Paris have the theoretic knowledge about the products. Even they are fully honest in advising their customers, still it is highly unlikely that they may have used the products they are selling. Workmen, on the other hand, use these materials on regular basis. They know better which product is better and give perfect results. In addition, they may have the closest estimation about the quantity of the product to be used, than the clients. So it is better option to confer purchase of products to your ‘home renovation company in Paris’.
G. Pack and store your stuff properly
Pack up your things as much as possible. You can store them in a way that more space is available for the work. Cover your stuff with plastic sheets, for your own satisfaction as well. If there is not enough space available in the apartment for work, then the workers may not be able to give the best results, even if they try harder. So as less stuff as possible is the best option.
H. Do not try to be a supervisor.
Some people enjoy giving commands to workers at work and supervise each stage of the renovation. This is not a good idea. It does not mean that you should not monitor the performance time to time, and ask questions if you have. But it does not help to be present from morning till evening, watching workmen at work. So, when you have selected an apartment renovation company, trust them and let them do the work.
I.  Stick to the renovation plans
As stated above, before starting the interior renovation work in your apartment, prepare a detailed planning of the work. Small changes are normal, but big changes require a complete change in the planning. It can increase the costs of the renovating your apartment in Paris and in can also take more time to finish. But, if something really important comes up in your mind after the start or renovation project – then it is better to share with your apartment renovation contractor.

Interior renovation after the water damage caused by your neighbor in Paris

Some people call Paris as a city of leaks, as there are always lots of water leaks happening all around Paris. If we talk about the calls and emails we receive by affected by the water leaks, then it is easy to consider Paris as a city of leaks.
In Paris, there are lots of old apartments, with old installations. Therefore, such leaks are normal. Sometimes, there are water leaks inside your apartment, and sometimes, from your neighbor. If the water leak came from your neighbor, then certainly it is not your mistake. But you have to suffer from the mistake of your neighbor as there are many steps to go through until the apartment is renovated.
In fact, there are a number of steps to take before doing the painting work, which may be different depending on the origin of the damage. In addition, some precautions must also be taken if you do not want to see the moisture spill in the days and weeks after the painting or renovation work is over.
Following tips are likely to help you carry out the renovation work after the water leaks. And, they will also help you to save your money and avoid unnecessary work..
So let us assume that one fine evening you returned home after the work, and what you saw was disgusting: water leaking from the ceiling. It can happen in any room: bedroom, living room, bathroom or the kitchen. If this leak came from your neighbor above, then it depends where their bathroom or the kitchen is located.
The very first thing to do is to go and knock on the door of your neighbor. You talk with them and make it sure that water leak has stopped. When we call stopped, it means completely stopped.  And, at the same time, you can contact your insurance company and inform them about the water damage and its nature ( if you are responsible for the water damage or your neighbor )
You can do it by phone to receive your report amicably water damage, you can move to the nearest agency to your home or send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If the cause of water leak comes from a line or pipe break, the repair will not be refunded, only the reconditioning will be, according to your insurance contract.
In case you are a tenant, you will also need to notify your landlord.
If you live in a building, you must notify the trustee of your building.
Finally, if this water damage is due to floods, it is the guarantee natural disaster which then comes into operation, with franchise conditions that may be different.
What is not covered by insurance?
The most important, if you are an English speaking expat living in Paris, and which is very likely in most cases, the insurance company representative will try to pay you as less as possible. So better be ready to argue and present your claim well.
In case of water damage, be aware that all work is not covered by your insurance. Mostly it is the repair and painting work. Sometimes, they also pay for the parquet floor.
Repairing a device that causes damage, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, is not supported. You are likely to pay for it yourself.
Similarly, in the event of a leak due to slates or tiles that have slipped or flew (unless in the case of a storm recognized as a natural disaster), only the consequence repair operations will be carried out and can be in the part reimbursed by your insurance, but not the intervention on the cover.

The visit of Insurance Expert.

Your insurance or that of your neighbor, if he is responsible, will send an expert before performing painting work after water damage to assess the extent of the problem, according to the estimated damage value. Basically he will note the damaged areas in your apartment, and in any other detail in this regard to assess the amount of the damage.

After the visit from the so called ‘expert’ of the insurance company, either you will be proposed a compensation or you will be asked to get quotes from an ‘interior renovation company in Paris’. Your insurer may also offer you a painter to repair and repaint your apartment.

However, if you entrust the insurance company, then their painter will do the minimum job. Means, he will simply repair and paint the damaged area. And, bye bye. In most of the cases, the quality is of the work is not good as this painter’s job is only to make the interior white. After that if there are yellow spots on the repaired areas – this is your problem.
However, you cannot repair and paint the apartment after the visit of Insurance expert. You have to wait until the walls and ceilings of your apartment are fully dried up. This process can take months. Once the surfaces are fully dried up, your apartment renovation company will start the work.
If your work after water damage is supported by the insurance, then do not forget to get an invoice at the end of the renovation work as you will need to send it to insurance. Sometimes, insurance companies do not pay in full at the first time. They pay one part, and the other part is reimbursed after you send them invoice of work done.

If your apartment is damaged by the flood, and you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our ‘interior renovation company’.

Interior renovation and painting company in Paris | Apartment remodeling & renovation services in Paris region ( ile de france )

You have just bought the new apartment in Paris, or in suburbs, and you want to renovate the interior of your apartment, house or studio – and you are looking for an apartment renovation company which can renovate the interior or exterior of your home at competitive price – then our apartment renovation company is at your service to realize all kind of renovation work : Plumbing, Electricity, Painting, Parquet, Tiles, Demolition, Construction, Remodeling etc.

Our apartment renovation company takes care of every renovation project, with great care and attention. Right from the beginning of a renovation, or painting project, we take into account all the necessary details which are required for high quality work, and client’s satisfaction.

Our apartment renovation and decoration company knows well the expectations of its customers. If our first visit, to establish the free quote, we always intervene with professionalism, seriousness and discretion. We try to understand what client wants. We offer renovation and decoration solutions according to the taste of our clients, in Paris and suburbs ( Neuilly sur Seine, Clamart, Courbevoie, Creteil, Saint Cloud, Champigny sur Marne, Boulogne Billancourt etc )

apartment painters and decorators paris, apartment renovation contractors paris
The secret of the high quality of our renovation work is that, we study each project with great attention. We use high quality materials. Our workers are professionals. They take their job very serious.

Our masons, painters, electricians, plumbers, carpenters etc are always focused with their work. No matter if you simply want to paint your apartment, or design the interior of your apartment – our skilled workers can do the job exactly as you want, not only in Paris, but also in Ile de france ( Chatillon, Montrouge, Versailles, Creteil, Meudon, Montrouge, Pontoise, Herblay, Enghiens Les Bains, Sarcelles, Colombes, Ermont, Fontenay aux Roses etc.  

If you simply want to paint your apartment, studio, shop, restaurant, loft in Paris- be sure, we will use the best products. If the walls and ceiling of your property have fissures, we will repair them. If you like, we will put wall paper on the walls of your Parisian apartment. We use high quality paints. We do not compromise on the quality of products to be used in the renovation of your residence. No matter, if you simply want to refresh your apartment, or you also want plastering of walls and ceilings.

In short, our renovation and painting company has all the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out your painting and renovation work in all the districts of Paris ( paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20 ). When you contact us for the quote and estimate – be sure that we will offer you the best quality of work, at reasonable price. You can compare our quote with other renovation companies in Paris. You will find the tariff for the renovation, on m2 basis, very competitive.

interior renovation & design paris | apartment renovation and remodeling paris

For the best quality results – especially in the case of painting – preparation of walls and ceilings is very important. First of all, we protect the floor. We clean the walls and the ceiling, to remove the dust etc. If the walls and ceiling of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and living room are painted without cleaning – then the result will not be durable. And, we always work to offer you the best possible quality of renovation work. We apply suitable coatings to each surface before applying NF Eco Label quality paints, adapted to each type of interior surface: wood, metal, plaster and many others.

While painting your apartment, studio or home –we apply best paints available in the market. If you like colors on walls, you can select your favorite color from thousands of colors – and, only then, we will paint it. This way, you will have your residence as you really wanted it to be. That's why we are always very demanding on our own work: We check the roughness, the imperfections, the smoothing under intensified lighting with each layer of painting to deliver a result to the height of your expectations.

Every room requires different type of attention and preparation during renovation. Therefore, we select carefully paints for each room ( bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom etc )  

These days there are lots of paints available. All these paints have different features. Our renovation company will help you choose the right paints for your interior renovation projects:

  • Type of paint (acrylic, glycero, vinyl ...)
  • Type of effect paint (sandblasted, glittery, velvety, brushed, matt, glossy, satin, concrete effect ...)
  • Type of coating (canvas, wallpaper, fabric and others)

If you have decided to renovate, or paint your apartment in Paris – or in Paris region – Alpeintureparis, apartment renovation and decoration company in Paris, can do the job. If you like high quality of work, at less price – our painting company is the right choice. Our interior renovation company will offer you the best solutions.

The renovation of apartments, houses, offices and commerce is the heart of our business. We are in the renovation industry for last 14 years, and therefore, we know all the secrets of renovation industry in Paris.

  • Either you plan to renovate the interior of your apartment, or simply paint the apartment, the first step is always to establish the quote. Our interior renovation company will offer you free quote. Our quote for your painting project, or interior decoration project, will be very detailed. Tariff would be written with each service. You can compare our prices, with other renovation companies in paris. Our quotes are transparent. There are no hidden charges. You will not have any surprise during the renovation work.

interior renovation and design paris

Normally, we work 5 days a week. But if your renovation project is urgent, we can work even 6 or 7 days – only to ensure that your project is finished within the deadline. Our renovation and painting company is at your service in all arrondissement of Paris ( paris-1e, paris-2e, paris-3e, paris-4e, paris-5e, paris-6e, paris-7e, paris-8e, paris-9e, paris-10e, paris-11e, paris-12e, paris-13e, paris-14e, paris-15e, paris-16e, paris-17e, paris-18e, paris-19e, paris-20e ). But we are also available in Paris region (Vincennes, Neuilly sur Seine, Meudon, Créteil, Saint Mandé, Maisons Alfort, Courbevoie, La Défense, Puteaux, Nanterre, Boulogne Billancourt, Saint Cloud, Clamart, Châtillon, Montrouge, Fontenay sous Bois, Montreuil, Les Lilas, Bagnolet, Bondy, Les Lilas, Charenton le Pont, Le Bourget, Drancy, Versailles, Ivry sur Seine, Vitry sur Seine, Saint Ouen, Clichy, Colombes, Gennevilliers, Enghien les Bains, Groslay, Villiers sur Marne, Champigny sur Marne, Vanves, Villejuif)

How much does it cost to renovate an apartment in Paris, France | apartment renovation & remodeling costs per square meter in Paris.

To ‘renovate an apartment or property in Paris’, the very first step always is to have a general idea how much is it going to cost. Although it is possible to determine the budget first, and then engage in the renovation project. However, the later is not always a best option as the ‘renovation costs’ may change during the different stages of the renovation, or remodelling of the apartment or flat.
At alpeintureparis – ‘apartment renovation and remodelling company in Paris’ – we always take the costs seriously, and try our best not to cross the budgetary limitations of our clients. Therefore, we go an extra mile to guide our clients, not only when we prepare our quote, but also while we carry out the renovation work at their property.  Our main objective always is to offer our clients high quality solutions, within their monetary restrictions. We formulate our strategies to minimise our labour and material costs, although fixed costs to renovate the interior are often very hard to manipulate.
In this article, we will guide about all important aspects which you must not ignore while executing your interior renovation plans. First of all, we will give you a general idea about different kinds of apartment renovation under following categories

1.   Light renovation work
2.   Medium renovation work
3.   Complete remodelling of your apartment

apartment renovation costs in paris, apartment remodeling cost in paris

Before moving forward, however, it is pertinent to keep in mind that following ‘costs to renovate your apartment in Paris’ are only meant to give you an idea about the average global cost for the renovation of your property in Paris. Prices may change either way, according to your choice for materials, and other details. On the basis of our experience in the renovation industry for last 14 years, we can say that every renovation project is different than the other.

So, here are average costs for different types of renovation work in Paris.

1.   Light interior renovation

This type renovation is very basic in nature and thus costs less than other two options. This type of apartment renovation is carried out when you buy, or rent, an apartment in Paris, and you want to change the interior of your interior of your apartment or flat. In other words, mainly whitewashing the walls and ceiling of your residence. Small repair works are also included in this type of renovation work. It may also include carpet changes, some tiling work, or the floor renovation. It may also include some electric repair works.

Price range : from 70 euros per square meter to 350 euros for 1m2.

Example : For an apartment of 60 meters square, the minimum cost for renovating apartment could be around 4200 euros.

2.    Medium or complete renovation of the apartment

In this option, following services are included; kitchen & bathroom renovation, modification of plumbing and electricity, replacing windows, construction of walls with gypsum boards & false ceilings, renovation of parquets floors, and complete painting of the apartment with plastering of walls

Price range : between 500 Euros and 1000 Euros for 1 square meter

3.   Heavy renovation or remodeling of an apartment

The complete ‘remodeling of an apartment’ includes; structural changes of the apartment, structural reinforcement, complete insulation of walls, change of main door, creation of new bathroom with new plumbing work, creation of new kitchen with construction & plumbing work, making new rooms within the apartment.

Price range : between 800 € and 1700 € for one square meter, depending upon the choice of materials.

It might be important to add a couple of line for the ‘luxury renovation projects’. When it comes to the luxurious renovation projects, it all depends upon the clients’ choices and tastes. The cost of luxurious renovation can go as much higher as much the clients are willing to spend.
Before mentioning other costs of the renovation, which may incur during the ‘renovation or remodelling of a Parisian apartment’, it is also important to note that the condition of walls and ceiling plays an important role to determine the global cost for interior renovation.


A.   Allowance for extra or additional works

  • There are not always extra works especially when light renovation is being carried out. But when the nature of renovation project is medium or heavy, there are always some additional works which can’t be foreseen at the start of work. So, it is always better to be ready for work related surprises. Thus it is advisable to keep an allowance of 10%, of the total renovation cost mentioned in the quote.

B.  Fees or commissions for the architect, and/or interior decorators

Some people prefer hire the services of an ‘architect and interior designer in Paris’ simply to plan their interior renovation project. If the job of an interior decorator is limited only to prepare the plans and drawings, then you can add up his or her fees or commissions. However, if the interior decorator is also entrusted to bring in his own home improvement companies for your apartment renovation project, then the cost of the project can go up dramatically.
home renovation company in paris, apartment renovation company in paris, apartment builders and renovators paris

Therefore, your apartment renovation project does not require heavy or complete overhauling of the apartment, there is no need to contact an interior designer to make plans. ‘Apartment renovation companies’ can also guide you on the practical issues of interior renovation. There are many home renovation companies in Paris, speaking English too. These companies can be contacted for an itemized and free quote. It is recommended to contact 3 companies, or apartment builders. Their quotes can be compared to make the final decision.


As mentioned above, each renovation and remodeling project differs from the other projects. Besides, every client has his or her own unique style and taste. In some apartments, for example, walls and ceiling are in good condition BUT electric installations are old. In some flats, the interior needs minor repairs, but the parquet floor is in a very bad condition. In certain apartments, renovation work is not much but the clients need to renovate the kitchen to transform it into an American kitchen. All these factors fluctuate the tariffs for overall renovation.


The best way to determine the real and actual costs for the interior renovation in paris always is to ask an ‘apartment renovation company’ for an itemized quote. This way, you will have the precise numbers explaining the renovation costs and services.


If the interior of your apartment requires medium or heavy renovation, ask always for an itemized quote. Itemized quote lists all the services of the ‘home renovation company’. It also mentions the materials to be used. This quote will help you have a clear idea how much it is going to cost to renovate the kitchen or bathroom.

Itemized quote also help make better decisions especially in the case of budget renovation. You can decide, which services are obligatory and which options can be postponed for carrying out renovation work at the later stage.
Our ‘apartment renovation company in Paris’ offers free and itemized quotes. In case, your renovation work is of small scale, and does not involve complicated details, we can also give you an official quote to indicate the global cost for your ‘interior design project’.
Our ‘apartment renovation and design company is available in Paris’, and greater Paris region. Within Paris, we are available in all districts of the French capital ( paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20 ).
We are also available in suburbs ( Hauts de Seine, Val de Marne, Seine Saint Denis, Val de Marne, Val-d’Oise, Essonne, Yvelines etc ) and towns like Boulogne Billancourt, Enghien les Bains, Neuilly sur Seine, Courbevoie, Clamart, Courbevoie, Colombes, Sartrouville, Maisons Laffitte, Asnières sur Seine, Créteil, Villejuif, Le Kremlin Bicêtre,  Vincennes, Charenton le Pont, Puteaux, Saint Cloud, Vincennes, Versailles, Montreuil, Chatillon, Meudon, Malakoff,  Sèvres etc..