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On this page, you will see some pictures about a ‘bathroom renovation project in Paris’. Better to say; ‘bathroom remodelling’ as it required complete overhauling of the bathroom.

The clients bought the property in a very good condition. Perhaps the property was freshly renovated. However, clients were not happy with the old bathroom. They wanted to change it as per their wishes. As always is the case in bathroom renovation, this project required different skills from demolition to the painting.

Details of “bathroom renovation project


👉🏻 Demolition of existing tiles, bathtub, sink and WC

👉🏻 Modification of the plumbing for the water supply and evacuation of the used water

👉🏻 Installation of the bathtub

👉🏻 Installation of the shower

👉🏻 Installation of the sink, with drawers underneath

👉🏻 Installation of the new WC

👉🏻 Tiling on the floor and walls


As this renovation project needed different skills, it was carried out in various stages, step by step.



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