Notre ‘entreprise de peinture à paris ’est à votre service pour rénover votre appartement, studio, magasin, boutique, partie commune, loft et cage d’escalier etc à paris, hauts de seine, val de marne

Entreprise peinture val de marne | Artisan peintre batiment, enduiseur, platrier val de marne, peintre en batiment val de marne,

<< Entreprise de peinture et rénovation intérieur à val de marne >> pour tous vos travaux de peinture et rénovation intérieur à val de marne et île-de-france.

Apartment renovation in paris | interior painting & decoration in Paris, France

Located in Paris, ‘our apartment renovation company’’ takes care of all kinds of renovation projects in Paris, and ile-de-france, plastering and painting work, for individuals and also for professionals, architects, and other renovation companies in paris region.

Our ‘apartment painting company in paris’ has expert craftsmen expert in painting and decoration work. Therefore, our ‘interior renovation company in Paris’ provides you with several years of know-how in the field of construction, to ensure high quality renovation work.

If you have a renovation project to renovate your property, experienced plastering and painting artisans are at your service to realize all your renovation and decoration projects.

Thanks to the expertise and know-how of our professional workers, our ‘renovation company in paris’ accompanies you in all your building work projects, from the study of the plans to the final realization. In addition, we can help you if you need to demolish a few walls in your residence or construct new ones. Our ‘apartment renovation company in Paris’ also offers its services for different kinds of installation works in your habitat.

Plastering plays an important role to make the interior of your apartment or home more beautiful. Plastering gives the perfect finition to the interior surfaces. Once, the walls and ceilings are properly plastered, the paint work gives a perfect finishing to the interior of your apartment. Combining skills and versatility, our expert painters carry out all your painting and decoration work to give an aesthetic and original appearance to your new building or renovation.

Throughout the duration of your project, our ‘apartment painting company in paris’ provides you with experienced craftsmen to support you throughout your project. Our experienced workers will guide you at each stage of your renovation project. While doing your renovation work, we do respect the requests and budget limitations of our clients. 

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us by mail and telephone. You also have the option of making an online quote to estimate the amount of your work. To get your quote online, provide us complete details of your ‘interior renovation project’. We will try our best to offer you our ‘online quote’. If required, we will be happy to organize a visit. Our quotes are completely free, and we do not charge our clients for the visit.

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Art of renovation in paris, france


Renovation art in Paris

Renovation art is a very comprehensive term in itself. When we talk about the ‘art of renovation’ then we are actually having a lot of terms in our mind. Renovation could be applied to any property, business and apartment. Knowing which type of renovation strategies, colours, material, time duration and budget is required, it is not less than an art.

  • You have to decide about how your interior should look, how your exterior can add maximum worth to your property, how it could be eye- catching, how it could be smooth and relaxing for the family living or for business people to do business in a comfortable situation. 

Renovation art is not so simple that once you have learned it then you will follow those learning during all your lifetime. Rather it is a constant process of learning and updating your skills, equipment, modelling and designing strategies. Fashion, designs, and trends keep on changing every day. So, for a renovating expert it is very necessary to be in touch with the latest developments. Remoulding of already established structures, redesigning of already designed structures requires a certain attention level with latest modern innovations as well as with past experiences.  Upgrading your apartments, houses, business and properties in Paris, is always one of the most important desires of the client to add value to their assets. Therefore, you need to acquire a person with careful attention who can update your house up to your desire. 

  • Buildings situated on eye-catching views such as on riverside or with mountain views have their own kind of limitations. You have to follow the municipal codes, and have to design according to its view to make a proper combination of renovation skills with those of natural beauty. Often Municipal rules force you to restrict your activities to existing setbacks and structures. So, it becomes very technical to develop any new design remaining in the direction given by the municipality. Similarly there are two further challenges for renovation experts. One is client budget and 2nd is client demand. That’s why a renovation expert has to discover any idea in which he could find a striking design remaining within the budget and municipal rules.

Renovation is an art from another perspective as well. As it has to fulfil client desire, while clients are of many tastes. Some want a luxurious look, while some want a contemporary way of life, some give importance to architectural looks while some want simple and economical options. Hence, for different views of people you need diversified options and designs to attract them. Further you must be able to modify those designs according to the taste of the client. Renovation comprises remodelling, add-ons, modifications, reform, preservation and repairing. That’s why renovators have to generate visually stimulating residential remodels featuring light-filled spaces, expansive views, and the most extravagance in the age of modern-day designs. In short, renovation is not just an industry rather it’s an art. Where you have to consider obstacles, dealing with the thought process of people, budgetary and administrative obstacles. Dealing with these obstacles you have to emerge with a new innovative and striking idea that can convince your client. 


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entreprise peintre batiment paris 13e arrondissement

Entreprise Peinture Paris-13, Artisan Peintre Bâtiment 75013

Travaux peintrue bâtiment, rénovation d'appartements, pose papier peint, toile de verre, pose et ponçage parquets, vitrification, plomberie, electricité à paris-13ème arrondissement

Entreprise peinture paris : artisan peintre à paris, clichy, courbevoie, neuilly sur seine, boulogne, courbevoie, chatillon, vanves, malakoff, vincennes etc

Nous sommes artisans peintres en bâtiment, avec 14 ans d'expérience dans le domaine de Bâtiment et on vous propose ses services pour tous vos travaux de peinture intérieur et extérieur, notamment pour un PRIX INTÉRESSANT et compétitif

‘Home renovation in Paris’ | Interior & exterior painting & renovation in Paris



Our ‘interior renovation and decoration company’ is at your service for all kinds of renovation, construction, demolition, and painting work for your ‘apartment renovation in Paris’.

High-End Renovation in Paris | 'Luxury Renovation of Haussmannians apartments in Paris' | FREE QUOTES


The most favourite destination for the tourists, Paris is considered a city of charm, style, romance and fashion. Not only this, Paris is also a favourite destination for the rich who love to have a ‘luxury apartment in Paris’, or nearby cities like Neuilly sur Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt or even Versailles. Paris is an ideal city for anyone who adores a luxurious lifestyle. Luxury apartments in Paris are thus always high in demand. We often see in the news about Arab sheikhs and businesspersons from Asia and America buying luxurious properties in Paris.

Luxury Apartment Renovation in Paris.


  • If you like to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in your Paris accommodation during your stay or while you are here on vacations, then it is important that the interior of the apartment is renovated according to your tastes and lifestyle. Here, our interior renovation company can be of great help. We have extensive experience in ‘high-end renovation and interior remodelling’ of the Parisian apartments.


We have been renovating properties in Paris for the last 14 years. In this period, we have worked with architects, interior designers, apartment builders, and other apartment builders in Paris. When the projects are big, and different teams are working on the site – then it becomes important to know how to work in the team for the optimal results. As we already have the experience of working with other professionals of the renovation industry – we are able to completely synchronize with other professionals on the renovation site.


  • High-end or luxurious renovation can be expensive, depending upon the choice of materials. You can read the following article to have a basic understanding about the costs or prices for renovating your property in Paris and suburbs

Interior renovation & remodeling costs in Paris per square meter


  • Although interior renovation projects cost a lot in Paris, however, it is still possible to have high-end renovation or remodelling of the property and save money. In the following article we share our professional insight to renovate your apartment with best results but save your money as well.


Money saving tips to renovate your property on budget


If you are planning to buy a luxurious apartment in Paris, then the ideal location can be around the Eiffel Tower, or in the 7th, 15th or 16th district of Paris. Some apartments in these areas offer panoramic views over the historical and architectural beauty offered by the city of lights and love. Just imagine a beautiful evening in the summer, in the balcony of your ‘apartment’, over a glass of wine, while watching the beauty of the city.


Buying an apartment in central Paris is also a good option. Areas around Chatelet, and Les Halles are also high in demand. In these quartiers, one can enjoy all the beauties which this city is known to offer to its residents. An apartment near the river seine offers an opportunity of an evening or morning walk along this beautiful river.


  • In addition, the 6th district of Paris is also very high in demand for the luxurious residence. In fact, it is the ‘most expensive quartier’ of Paris. But in certain terms, it offers the best lifestyle in Paris....

We are available in all districts of Paris, and also in the suburbs;

👉 Neuilly sur Seine

👉 Courbevoie

👉 Saint Cloud

👉 Boulogne Billancourt

👉 Nanterre

👉 Montrouge

👉 Issy Les Moulineaux

👉 Levallois-Perret

👉 Colombes

👉 Versailles

👉 Chatillon

👉 Maisons Laffitte

👉 Vincennes

👉 Charenton le Pont

👉 Clamart 

  • For a free quote, or our professional advice regarding your interior renovation project, feel free to contact us. We try to reply at earliest.




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entreprise de peinture paris 12e arrondissement

Entreprise Peinture Paris 75012

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entreprise de peinture paris, peintre pas cher à paris

Apartment renovation in ‘Hauts de Seine’ | "entreprise de peinture 92" | 'Interior renovation contractors in Paris region'



Alpeintureparis’ is a general building and interior renovation company located in Paris. Our ‘interior renovation company’ has highly qualified workers; painters, electricians, masons, tilers, and carpenters etc, to ensure high quality of the work. In addition, we regularly verify the quality of the renovation work to ensure that we offer high quality services to renovate your apartment in the ‘Hauts de Seine region’. In addition, we offer a single point of contact who will remain the same throughout your renovation work, so that you can better organize your renovation project.

Entreprise de rénovation intérieure et de peinture à Paris et en Ile de France

Vous venez « d'acheter le nouvel appartement à Paris » ou en banlieue et vous souhaitez “rénover l'intérieur de votre appartement, maison ou studio à Paris” - et vous recherchez une “entreprise de rénovation d'appartements en mesure de rénover l'intérieur ou l'extérieur de votre maison pour un prix compétitif et pas cher” - notre « entreprise de rénovation et peinture appartements à paris » est à votre service pour réaliser tout type de travaux de rénovation: “plomberie, électricité, peinture, parquet, carrelage, démolition, construction, rénovation”, etc. Notre « entreprise de rénovation d’appartements à Paris »,s’occupe de chaque projet de rénovation et travaux de peinture avec le plus grand soin. Dès le début d'un projet de rénovation ou de peinture, nous tenons compte de tous les détails nécessaires à la qualité du travail et à la satisfaction du client. Notre « entreprise de travaux peinture à paris», connaît bien les attentes de ses clients. Dans notre première visite, pour établir le devis gratuit, nous intervenons toujours avec professionnalisme, sérieux et discrétion. Nous essayons de comprendre ce que veut le client. Nous proposons des solutions de ‘rénovation et de décoration’ selon les goûts de nos clients, à Paris et en banlieue ( ‘Neuilly sur Seine’, Clamart, Courbevoie, Créteil, Charenton le Pont, Courbevoie, Saint Cloud, Champigny sur Marne, Boulogne Billancourt etc.) “Artisan peintres intérieure” de notre « entreprise peinture à Paris » sont disponible dans tous les arrondissement de paris : paris-1, paris-2, paris-3, paris-4, paris-5, paris-6, paris-7, paris-8, paris-9, paris-10, paris-11, paris-12, paris-13, paris-14, paris-15, paris-16, paris-17, paris-18, paris-19, paris-20.