Apartment renovation in ‘Hauts de Seine’ | "entreprise de peinture 92"



Alpeintureparis’ is a general building and interior renovation company located in Paris. Our ‘interior renovation company’ has highly qualified workers; painters, electricians, masons, tilers, and carpenters etc, to ensure high quality of the work. In addition, we regularly verify the quality of the renovation work to ensure that we offer high quality services to renovate your apartment in the ‘Hauts de Seine region’. In addition, we offer a single point of contact who will remain the same throughout your renovation work, so that you can better organize your renovation project.

Whatever the nature of your interior remodeling or renovation project - complete or partial renovation project of:


  • House

  • Apartment

  • Studio

  • Local commercial

  • tertiary premises (shops, offices)

  • Whether you are an individual or a professional,


Alpeintureparis is capable of providing you with all the solutions to renovate your property in the Hauts de Seine region. In addition, we are also available in Val de Marne, and Paris too.

We support and advise you in the development of your construction or interior renovation project:


  • Definition of renovation needs

  • Materials choice

  • Consideration of your requirements

  • Step by step planning of your project

  • Regular supervising of the quality of work

  • Regular reporting about the progress of the work


We take care of the management of all of your new and renovation work.


As a general building contractor, alpeintureparis frees you from the constraints of the site and guarantees the success of your project:


  • Rooms’ creation

  • Decoration advice

  • Space planning

  • Renovation or creation of bathroom

  • Interior and exterior painting work

  • Plastering and wallpapering

  • Beautification work


Our ‘general building and renovation company’ in the Hauts de Seine region gives priority to the quality of services, carried out in accordance with the rules of the art, to guarantee you turnkey renovation solutions that meet your expectations.

« Rénovation appartements et travaux de peinture à paris »

Notre ‘entreprise de peinture à paris’ est à votre service pour tous vos travaux de peinture intérieure / extérieure, démolition, construction, rénovation à paris’, hauts de seine, et val de marne. Pour savoir le coût de votre projet de rénovation ou peinture intérieure, n’hésitez pas à nous joindre pour avoir un « devis gratuit ».